1. A89

    clumping cat litter??

    Does anyone use or know of a cat litter thats available here that clumps? My cat wont use the crystal litter. Ive been using Champion Bentonit (7-8tl) from TekZen but have been told today they wont be having it again, the only others ive seen or tried either dont clump or are 25tl! Alison
  2. S

    animals -vs- litter

    This is likely to be a bit controversial. There are probably an equal number of threads on here expressing concerns about litter and concerns about street animals going hungry. In my town there are overturned trash barrels every morning, with trash, restaurant remains, etc. strewn all over-...
  3. Tommie

    Altinkum Litter

    Hi I guess this topic has been discussed several times. Now the warmer weather has approached, there seems to be a lot more activity on home improvements, and other outside activities. Some owners are either having new walls fitted or repaired. Some having new bathroom appliances. Some sites...
  4. F

    Çöp Bayram - Litter Day

    İ just wanted to publicly thank everyone who volunteered, bought presents and offered generous sponsorship to our litter cleaning campaign in Dalyan on Friday 5th June. Around 200 of us collected litter from the four corners of the town. Around 250 dustbin bags of litter were collected. İ hope...
  5. T

    Litter in UK

    This article may be of interest as litter has been a topical question before. Times article Reuters - Saturday, April 12 01:38 pmLONDON (Reuters) - Local authorities in England and Wales are seeking tougher laws to prosecute motorists who dump rubbish from their cars, the Times reported on...
  6. P

    Litter and general cleanliness

    I have returned home from a visit into my local town,in the Surrey area,it has so much history and heritage,it has also got unbelievable amounts of litter.Today being a bit windy I feel I tend to notice these things a bit more,the cigarette ends,the gum on the walkways and the usual,dare I say...
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