1. Freedom 49

    Turkey, 6th in Holiday Listings.

    After the adverse publicity that Turkey gets from time to time, it's great to see that we come well inside the Top 10 regarding Holiday Destinations. Here's to another good season!! :bounce::bounce::bounce: The most popular countries in the world for holidays - and France comes out on top |...
  2. FinalCall

    Current/recent cinema listings

    Would anyone know if it is any reason other than coincidence that the Turkish cinemas for the past 8weeks have had hardly any on-Turkish movies showing? Despite a few high rated recent foreign releases, the same Turkish movies are been shown week after week... (Exception "Jack" and "OZ" neither...
  3. KKOB

    Digiturk Programme Listings

    Anyone else having problems with getting the Digiturk Programme Listings ? When I call up the listings on the TV I get the usual grid and the "Loading information from the satellite" then after a few seconds "No information available" and the grid stays empty. I've done all the usual stuff...
  4. immac

    Shares & Funds Listings

    Can any one tell me which Turkish newspapers list the Istanbul Stocks & Shares? I don't want to rummage though the shelves in my local shop, nor buy a copy of each paper. Is one paper better than another? Is there an equivalent of FT? I'm particularly interested in Funds. Ian
  5. merlin

    Turkish Music Album Listings....

    Great site for sourcing album listings from all Turkish artists.... Merv!
  6. lorraine

    digiturk listings

    Does anyone of you TV square eyes know where i can find the listings for digiturk, dont watch that often but started to watch what i thought was a film last night and now realise it is parts. it was cnbc-e The 4400 can only get listings up for today and the blooming digiturk tv guide button...
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