1. TLF Admin

    Is the dollarization effect over Turkey’s economy coming to an end?

    Interesting article, read it in full here
  2. mollag

    Ten Lira note-Yeni

    From Keef in Gumusluk This 10 lira note with Yeni Türk Lira ceases to be legal tender on 31st December. Avoid them in change otherwise its a visit to Ziraat Bank.
  3. bickern

    170 km for 1 Turkish lira

    A prototype for an electric car that can travel around 170 kilometers on one kilowatt-hour of energy — which costs a measly one Turkish lira — produced entirely by a group of students from Turkey's Yozgat Bozok University will be evaluated at a competition in London next year. Sertaç Somuncu, a...
  4. B

    Buying or renting all in Lira
  5. E


    Is it still advisable to put gbp into your Turkish bank account and change into ytl
  6. K


    Hi I am told that in Belek the change offices are closed and people could not change at banks yesterday because Lira so high anyone else heard this Thanks
  7. S


    well any experts out there who can tell me what they think will happen to the lira soon , susi
  8. S


    Please for all you experts out there is this a time to be really worried about lira in the bank, this is a serious question as so many people are saying that it could be a big crash and lose all their money in the bank and to get it out asap, what do you think,
  9. B

    Lira Crash?

    I would like your opinion on the current state of the Turkish Lira. Although I know nobody has a crystal ball, do you think it will completely crash?
  10. G


    Wow!!..Where is the Lira heading?..going up towards 6 to the £ !!
  11. N

    Tl lira

    i am thinking about changing some Lira to stirling but is not a good time is there any time which the exchange rate may come down against the pound ??
  12. suzyq

    1/2 litre of olive oil 22,000 lira

    Half a liter of olive oil produced from a 1,800-year-old olive tree sold for 22,000 Turkish lira ($6,046) in the ancient city of Teos in Izmir's Seferihisar district in western Turkey. Şah Tuğrul, the buyer, stated that he intended to support the work to value and protect ancient trees and...
  13. S

    high lira

    I know this may be a silly question but why is the lira so high, what has to happen for it to drop, other currencies in the world crash but the lira just goes up and up, susi
  14. S

    Turkish Lira & the forthcoming referendum

    do you think the forthcoming election will affect the lira rate, its about time it dropped, sue
  15. M

    Bestway to get Turkish Lira back to England

    We have sold our house in kadikalesi a lot quicker than expected. So was wondering the best snd chearpest way to send the money back to England.We have a Garanti account and a Barclays acount in Engand . Money is being paid in turkish lira as we have sold to Turkish
  16. T

    Exchanging Egyptian pounds to Turkish lira in turkey

    Hello How is it going everyone ? Guys ; I will go to turkey soon but I have A problem for exchanging money in Egypt So I want to know if I go to Turkey with Egyptian pounds ; Can I exchange them To Turkish lira from banks or exchange Offices ? If it is possible ; there will be a limit It is...
  17. H

    Problems changing sterling to lira

    I went to Mugla today to change some sterling to lira. I went to two banks (Ing bank and garanti bank) and both asked for Turkish id along with my uk passport. When I explained that I had no such Id they refused to change the money. Has anybody else had this problem?
  18. K

    lira today

    Hi every one now we , sorry GREAT BRITAIN are out of the money pit what is the Lira today at the banks please.OOh nice to be OUT INNIT!
  19. M

    Exchange Rates

    What has happened to the exchange rate table, usually on the left of the Home page? The heading is there, but no information. Maisie
  20. juco

    Will the Turkish Lira fall ?

    I . Do . Not . Think . So . Do . You? ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
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