1. TNT123

    Best links for Kodi

    OK folks,as said by Bueman,a new thread for the links WE use for kodi. As you all route through Kodi for your favourite Footy match or Tv prog or Film,If we put the Build we are using and a link within all of us can share. I watched only one Football match at the week-end and it was in SD but...
  2. shirleyanntr

    useful links to turkish online shops

    before you st off shopping its good to have a look at whats on offer and compare i hope you might find the following links useful i like the ayakkabı dünyasi site gives me an idea of different shoes they have..looking through them this morning i saw some fur lined boots ! they...
  3. T

    Fake links

    Hi I have recently noticed when browsing on my laptop that almost any page I visit is qucikly scattered with what I call fake links which have double underlining and, if clicked on, take me to adverts or other rubbish. Its very irritating; I have Norton internet security in place and did a...
  4. Squeaky

    Not ‘pro-gov’t’ but ‘pro-CHP’: DMG’s links with CHP questioned

    Good afternoon: While this article of and in itself might not be that interesting it might be of interest to members who regularly read the local English language press. I know that a lot of people might be inclined to believe and give a certain amount of credence to what they read in the...
  5. Rainbow

    Video links from You Tube

    OK, I really am a computer numpty and need someone to hold my hand :) I see people loading clips from You Tube and never really thought about how they do it until tonight. I want to load a very funny clip and don,t know how to :( I went into the page to post a message and clicked on the...
  6. E

    Links golf course in Colakli/Side?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a links golf course in the Colakli/Side area, and if so where is it exactly? I keep reading on the internet that there is supposed to be one (the only one in Turkey bla bla bla), but I have been unsuccessful so far in finding more information, a website, etc. We...
  7. Andy

    To Check Links etc

    When a post has been written & is ready to send instead of clicking on "Post Quick Reply" click on "Go Advanced" to check the link works then post reply. You can also add more smilies as well just click on "More" at the bottom of the smilie list then Submit when your happy with the post...
  8. mrkeith

    Video Links.

    The recent suspending of a thread and removal of video links has come in for some heavy criticism of late, but we need to look at a bigger picture. Video upload sites contain tens of thousands of graphic images covering every topic imaginable to mankind. This week U-tube was flooded with...
  9. shirleyanntr

    links for book lovers

    here are links to two great sites for book lovers...i found them in Burgomeisters forum ..which is also good for discussing books or reading reviews. LibraryThing | Catalog your books online Great Books Lists: Lists of Classics, Eastern and Western
  10. ceemac

    Turkey generals accused of links to 2003 Istanbul bombing

    Serious stuff if true. 'Three retired Turkish military leaders have been accused of helping to plan the 2003 Istanbul bombing which claimed 60 lives including three Britons.' Here C
  11. D

    info on beware links, please

    Ello peeps, I have been looking at the (beware links ) items. Can you tell me if the spyware downloads you are suggesting run alongside the protection we already have. We use "kapersky" which seems to work ok.They have auto updates. I must confess, I know next to nothing about these things...
  12. DaveL1234

    Cannot post links

    Trying to reply to a post and insert a link. Get the error: Your Post contains one or more URLs, please remove them before submitting your message again Tried using the Globe Link thingy and still the same. Followed the sticky instructions on posting a link but still get the mesage ?? Help?
  13. shirleyanntr

    how to put in links and other things

    Reading a post where Harem said she can't do LİNKS..i can't either..ive just found out how to insert a quote(thanks Martyn) and also to use the ''Extra'' smilies(thanks G&D).. but i'm very impressed when i see ''have a look HERE..and on pressing HERE it opens up to another place.. so maybe a...
  14. lorraine

    Chat room and links

    "Its good to talk" we all like to have a laugh and a chat, but can we keep it to the chat room please. The chat room although a little slow at times is a great place to get to know members, but be warned they are a strange bunch in there..:der::lol: Therefore, please do not take offence...
  15. merlin

    Posting links in the forum with a single or multiple word.... Like "Click Here!"

    Posting links in the forum with a single or multiple word.... Like "Click Here!" Its quite simple..... First find a link that you want to use Copy the whole link to your clipboard ie. Now... See the "globe with the chain link" icon above Click on it...
  16. Mushtaq

    Estate Agents & Links on Turkish Living....

    Re: Buying in Bodrum - where to start? It appears that a lot of people are either not reading the forum rules or are just ignoring them. please read the forum rules HERE If you need to give links of any estate agent, please use the PM or email facility provided on the forum, this rule was...
  17. merlin

    Sharing some photoshop links.... Merv!
  18. merlin

    Some Turkish Links....

    For Electronics and Computers.... Merv!
  19. merlin

    Airport Parking.... Useful Links Merv! ;)
  20. S

    good links for hotels in istanbul
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