1. D

    Captains net tp link do I

    So just had captains net fitted and they use a TP link modem . I can't get onto my perfect player as it has some form of firewall protected and needs changing so I can access it .....i did it in UK with my bt account modem . Does anybody know how to please
  2. J

    Bridge to link Scotland and Wales via the Isle of Man

    Scotland and Wales 'could form own country' if Britain votes to leave EU | Home News | News | The Independent Now what date is it?
  3. Andywebb

    Link Broken

    It's been ages since I was last on, let alone post. Can someone tell me if the Egyptian Living Forum is still running? I keep getting a broken link. I am off to Sharm in the New Year, like Turkey the Russians have all gone off, more food for me at the All Inclusive resort :504xn:
  4. martin m

    U tube link to 5 min video Altinkum works

    Hi I know there's a thread about the beachfront at Altinkum, and if this is not news I appologize, but I have just seen this video from u tube, and think it's of interest to anyone connected to Altinkum, it's a 5+ mins video done drive by style of the entire seafront, warts and all of the...
  5. juco

    City Link

    I wonder what he really means..... Will it be a case of get down the job center and start jumping through hoops !
  6. Spurs

    City Link SKINT

    If your awaiting a parcel via City Link, you need to contact them ASAP. BBC News - City Link parcel delivery company goes into administration
  7. ExG

    Problem with link

    If I click on the link near the bottom of the home page to mark all forums as read I get the following error message Your submission could not be processed because a security token was invalid. If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you...
  8. D

    link to the site to find kimlik number???

    just a quick request for a link to the Turkish site that gives kimlik's for a friend who is struggling Turkish is crap so he will have to get aid to rescue his number because i know it is a difficult site to navigate...or has it improved??
  9. the bueman

    Live Sports Link

    Hi All Here is a link to live Boxing and Fighting Weekly Schedule (14th Oct - 21st Oct) Watching Karl Frampton boxing match on live stream, watched Chelsea match earlier. works well with many sports.....good luck and enjoy the stream....tonights match is on a pay per...
  10. K

    Ikea link

    Hi All Been searching the Internet for Ikea Turkey web site in English , so far I have been unsuccessful , can anyone provide a link Thanks Kevin
  11. Sunny Seasider

    Link broken message?

    Is anyone else experiencing problems when posting a reply to a thread, I keep getting the 404 message "oops this link appears to be broken" I come out and come back in and all is ok, it's frustrating me.
  12. D

    a link to a Bulgarian site....

    For want of a better place to put this request i have put it in 'cars' because i am looking to buy a car in BG. Has anyone got a link to a site of simular quality to this for expats in BG?----not the ─░WAC site but a real BG only site! Also if anyone has brought a car in from BG to Turkey i...
  13. T

    Easyjet - useful link if you spell a name incorrectly

    I'm sure we've all done it, I spelled my daughters name incorrectly, Juile instead of Julie a while ago. I had visions of massive charges for correcting it, but no, there is a chat forum set up which sorts out issues like this. I posted my mistake, booking ref and it was changed 1 day later...
  14. N

    LesLy from the link moving to akbuk

    Hi can Lesley get in touch please, met up in Marlborough, let me know where you are moving to in akbuk! :)
  15. martin m

    fantastic little link

    Hi all Ihave just posted this in Andyjs "thread the prettiest" however after exploring the site further i discovered that you can click on each snap shot and learn some thing about each one i personally think its a great llittle read and some great pics.Enjoy turkish villages - Google Search...
  16. Yalides

    New London to Birmingham rail link

    Apparently the Government have agreed on the new proposal for the new high speed rail link between Birmingham and London.
  17. Mushtaq

    Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq

    No surprises here then..... Plans to exploit Iraq's oil reserves were discussed by government ministers and the world's largest oil companies the year before Britain took a leading role in invading Iraq, government documents show. The papers, revealed here for the first time, raise new...
  18. kale

    Looking for Link

    Can you help the other day i found a link about a meeting which was held in bodrum, about ex pats with property tapu problems. and that not many people attended due to a lot of the people,s property were holiday homes and they were not in turkey, CAN ANYONE HELP...
  19. arrian

    Link to Binnurs cookbook

    Binnur's Turkish Cookbook
  20. U

    Link problem

    Do I have a virus or a vista problem? Any link in an email will not work and in 'My Favorites' The Telegraph always comes up with the same one as before, sometimes a week old. all other links in M F are OK. If I use CC clean its all ok for a one time only then it all goes back to the problem...
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