1. shazeroo

    Turkish Linguaphone, Grammar Book, etc For Sale

    We are still struggling to pack 7 years worth of stuff... and so I am adding more and more all the time - the latest of which is a package to get you speaking Turkish in no time at all! We have the original Turkish Linguaphone CDs and Book - the CDs were only used once to copy to our computer...
  2. S

    Linguaphone PDQ course in Turkish

    How exciting! Today I have received our Linguaphone PDQ couse, courtesy of Tesco Clubcard. 4 cds and a well laid out book to accompany it, it looks really user friendly and had great reviews on Amazon. If anyone has clubcard points to use up this cost £7.50 and is on the Tesco website...
  3. Rainey

    Linguaphone PDQ turkish

    Having just started out on learning turnish in the next year so I can speak a bit when I move over next year I would like to recommend this to anyone wanting to learn a bit of basic turkish, its very easy and gives you a basic grounding and a bit of vocabulary, even for me it's not hard nad it...
  4. ukizook


    Has anyone used this to learn Turkish? or indeed, has anyone learned Turkish at all? Its early day's yet for us and the grey matter is not as sharp as it once was, but we are really struggling to learn Turkish, "not that good at english" :) What I'd like to know is, has anyone found it easy and...
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