1. H

    Bill and Linda - it's your birthday/s

    Have a splendid day both of you ! Hilary x
  2. bickern

    Happy Birthday Bill or Linda

    Happy Birthday !
  3. keny

    linda estates

    Has anyone been able to contact Didim Marina Emalk? There email address is void.Does anyone know an alternative email address? Thanks.
  4. val2661

    Rip linda bellingham

    Just heard the sad news that Linda Bellingham has died. A very brave lady, who was so inspiring in her fight. RIP Linda Val
  5. Sunny Seasider

    Happy 60th Birthday Bill & Linda

    Here's wishing a Happy 60th Birthday to you Bill? or Linda?. Hope your day is a good one. Not seen you posting for a while, hope you are ok. :pressie: :cheers:
  6. A

    Death of Linda Bukin

    Hi Forum I wanted to post here as I know that some of you knew my mother Linda Bukin, and may not have learned that she passed away in June this year while in Didim. Mum and her husband Mick were long term residents (had been in Didim for a number of years) and had lots of friends there, but...
  7. ted j

    Happy Birthday Bill and Linda

    Not sure which one of you has today as their birthday, but hope you have a good one
  8. luckycat68

    Happy birthday Shacko & Linda

    Have a GREAT day :clap2:
  9. A

    Anyone in Altinkum/Didim know Linda & Mick Bukin?

    Hi All Bit of a frantic post here. The family and I are worried about my mum and stepdad who live in Didim. We have been unable to contact them for almost a week, which may not sound like much but my mum was sick last week and we havent heard anything since. Cannot get through to them on the...
  10. D

    Didim library-Thanks BILL and LINDA

    I enquired a while ago about where to get books in the Akbuk/Didim area and Bill and Linda posted a reply praising the Didim library.Well we went yesterday and there are enough books there to keep us going for the next few years,the lady behind the desk was lovely and all went well. So thanks to...
  11. B

    Hi From Bill & Linda

    Re: Altinkum Neighbours Hi everybody,we have lived in Altinkum for just over a year now (so are old hands) we live behund the police station in the dip. My grandson is in the local school and is doing well.So far we are loving it!!
  12. L


    Hi everyone new member. we bought property in Altinkum last october and will be flying out the 9th 0ctober for 2 weeks cant wait
  13. L

    Linda & Mehmet

    Hi all from both of us, I can see a few friendly faces from the Manchester party, we both haven't been around online much but were stunned at the Degalyian goings on ...... don't know what happened but was sad as I was a member almost from the start and we felt a bit let down. Thanks for...
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