1. suzyq

    Limited Election Ban

    The broadcasting of opening ceremonies, public speeches, survey results or estimates on the upcoming Nov. 1 polls will be prohibited as of Oct. 22 during the run-up to the election, the state-run Anadolu Agency has reported. Research, surveys, estimates and opinion calls on the November...
  2. S

    Closing a Turkish Limited Company

    Hi, has anyone recently closed down a limited company in Turkey? Just wanting some advice about the costs involved as our accountant has just sent us another bill that we certainly weren't expecting! He told us last year after paying a significant amount to him to close our company that apart...
  3. gally

    Laptop limited on router

    We have two laptops and a tablet in the house. When I log in to my router and check the wireless settings I see my wife's laptop's 'rate' is 54Mb/s and mine is always only 6Mb/s. Doesn't matter who gets on first mine is always limited to 6Mb/s. (Perhaps the router is female!) Even the tablet...
  4. M

    Cooking without an oven!

    Hi everyone, Unfortunately the house I'm in at the minute doesn't have an oven and I'm really struggling! We just have 2 gas rings :(! We cook the basics like rice, chips, sausage, egg but has anyone got any basic recipes? My boyfriend grows tomatoes and peppers so anything involving them...
  5. I

    Law Changes: Property ownership via a limited company

    Hi We have heard from a friend in Turkey that the government may be changing some laws which will affect those who own houses through limited companies, making it more expensive and difficult to own a house this way. Does anyone know anything about this ? Thanks I & H
  6. I

    Skype & limited download.

    Just wondered if anyone can clarify if useing a webcam for video calls home to the uk used up vast quantities of your download allowance. Have exceeded the limit a few times & just wondered if this is the reason??? Thanks:blink:
  7. I

    Capital Gains Tax on selling apartment purchased via limited company

    Hi, Could someone please advise on the situation regarding capital gains tax, or any other taxes, incurred when selling a property purchased using a Turkish Limited Company ? As it happens we are unlikely to have made a gain when we sell but would like to know what the situation is anyway...
  8. I

    Apartments bought using a Turkish Limited Company

    Hi We own an apartment on a complex in Karabag, Turgutreis, purchased through the formation of a Turkish Limited Company. We are considering selling our apartment but changes to the law, concerning properties in military zones, now mean that we can only sell to Turks. We have some questions...
  9. Bibby

    TTNet limited question

    This is a question for friends. They are on limited internet. They have been told they can have it on all day every day without danger going over their quota. Can this be true? They will not be downloading music (or at least, not yet), nor will they be playing any internet games. Is there...
  10. Helenm150

    Winding up a Turkish Limited Company

    Dear Forum members, has anyone gone through the process of closing a Turkish Limited Company - could you please talk me through? Many thanks, Helen :confused:
  11. G

    Resale Strategy Limited

    Hi all, Anyone else been approached by a company called "Resale Strategy Limited" offering to buy your property. We were called out of the blue with a story about a Ukrainian investor with 4 million euros to spend who wanted to invest in property in Turkey and did we want to sell our property...
  12. M

    Wording for limited power of attorney, suggestions please.

    vf Hello there everyone, well I'm off to the Alinkum and Akbuk areas soonish in order to, hopefully, settle on a property. I may wish for a limited power of attorney document to be drawn up so that I won't have to keep getting over to Turkey for stuff. Having read through the forums I cannot...
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