1. butt007

    HSBC Premier Savings limit

    Got an email from HSBC yesterday Friday. To stay as a premier customer the minimum amount you have in the account has been raised to 250,000liras starting from Jan 4th 2021. It was 150,00liras from January this year, when it went up 50,000liras, so it has gone up with a big jump. I suppose with...
  2. A89

    limit on taking Meds out of Turkey?

    Does anyone know if there's a limit to how many anti depressant tablets I can take (in my suitcase) to the UK? I'm not planning on selling them :madgrin: but here they cost less than 50p a pack so was thinking of taking around 20 packs when I move back over there, to last me until I qualify for...
  3. Jaycey

    The Sky is not the Limit

    Why the United States needs a Space Force "The president got it right. We need a Space Force. Space is too critical for the nation’s defense not to have an organization that speaks for its importance, defends it against all comers, and jealously advocates for new missions and new...
  4. J

    Garanti Transaction Limit on new Accounts

    Hi, I'm due to move to Ankara next week, and the bank that we're recommended to use is Garanti (tri currency account in TRL/GBP/USD). We're given a relocation allowance to furnish our new place, but the guys I know that have gone out recently have been subject to a 2000TRL transaction limit...
  5. juco

    RBS reduces protection limit

    I bet over the years it will slowly come down further.
  6. B

    Limit on Cyprus cash withdrawals.

    BBC News - Cyprus to bring in weekly cash curbs This is not good news for expats in Cyprus. Especially retirees, if pensions are not paid into the Cypriot banks from the UK. Bill.
  7. A

    Is there a time limit to sign the tapu?

    Our tapu is ready for our property. We do not want a POA to sign for us but cannot get out to Alanya for another three months. Is this ok? Or is there a time limit once you get military clearance to sign the document.
  8. suzyq

    Drunken revellers stretch emergency services to the limit

    Why are these people being treated for free and why is good money being wasted on them when it could be put to better use? In London, a centre for drunks in Soho was set up at a cost of £500,000. All beds were taken by 11.30pm on Friday. Paramedics in the major cities were stretched to the...
  9. gally

    TTnet 'fair use' limit question

    Hi I have just had my internet connected. Its 8Mb unlimited (limitsiz). I have read the small print now (well google translated actually) and it looks like its actually not unlimited but has a 25Gb 'Fair use' limit and if I go over it will be reduced to 1Mb for the rest of the month. I'm...
  10. Fuzzy

    TL 50,000 banking limit

    Does everybody stick by the TL 50,000 safe banking suggestion per account in Turkey ?? and is this amount per bank or per accounts held in the same bank ? Thanks for the help !
  11. M

    Savings - Dep Comp limit in Turkey £85k same as UK?

    Hi I wondered whether Turkey has a similar thing to the UK, whereby your savings (up to £85,000) is safe, backed by the FSA, giving you protection should something happen. Is there a limit of protection for your savings with the Banks in Turkey? Thanks Caroline
  12. B

    Age limit on drinking alcohol.

    Hi, Just found this Sabah English - Every nation has alcohol regulations Now,what will happen to all those tens of thousands of people who come on holiday for a good time in resorts like Marmaris,Didim,Bodrum,Kusadasi and Antalaya etc.? Will they in effect be breaking the law to drink...
  13. I

    limit for alcohol into turkey?

    hi everyone, does anyone know about the alcohol restrictions for bringing spirit back into the country? i wanted to bring with me one 750ml bottle in my suitcase and buy 2 bottles of 1lr from the airport. is this ok or am i likely to have it taken away? x
  14. R

    Iskan-5 year time limit

    Does anyone know the answer to this??? What happens if the Iskan is not obtained within 5 years from planning being granted? the application has been filed with municipality and approved but builder has not paid, which I understand is the norm. The property is on a complex so it means getting...
  15. ceemac

    Experts strongly oppose highway speed limit hike in Turkey

    All the experts opposed this increase in speed limit, yet the government went ahead with it? From what I have witnessed first hand, it probably won't affect the figures anyway as the traffic laws seem to be pretty much ignored. I think more education and tougher driving tests might help. 'A...
  16. Bubskar

    Well over my limit!

    Went to pay my ADSL today - a bit of a shock - I was well over my limit. Any advice you can give to keep it within my parameters I'd be grateful. I don't download but do have the internet on almost all the time. I just signed new contract with TTNET for limited access and asked today if I...
  17. B

    Maximum Time Limit?

    Happy New Year to you all!! Anyone know what is the maximum amount of time you can place your money in a Time-deposit account in Turkey? We was thinking of putting it in for 2 years. Thanks. Mel.
  18. tinkycarol

    Time limit for posting - is there one? Being logged out

    Hi, I don't think this is the right place but don't know where else to ask this question. When I am logged on and there is a thread I want to reply to I type what I want to say, check it and hit the submit button but I am finding I get a box saying I am not logged in and I lose my reply/text...
  19. T

    Time Limit for Legal Action?? Help!

    Can anyone please advise me; What the time limit (if any) is there under Turkish Law, within which a Legal Action concerning a property related problem/dispute must be commenced? This maybe Very Urgent..... Thanks in advance :high5:
  20. J

    Is there a limit to the number of 3 month visas you can get?

    Is there a limit to the number of 3 month visas you can get? We have recently purchased property in Turkey and hope to make two or three trips out a year to visit. What is the best way of obtaining visas for these visits? Are there annual visitor visas and if so how much are they and how do you...
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