1. J

    Limescale removal

    Hi there, I've got a limescale build-up on our bathroom taps. I've tried everything on it. Has anyone got any ideas? PorCoz doesn't do the trick either and that is like acid! The taps are a two tone colour. Cheers.
  2. M


    I have just been reading some old posts about limescale being a problem. Is it possible to buy water softening agents (like Calgon) in Turkey? Or even plain soda? What about electric limescale inhibitors like we can get in the UK that are fixed to the rising main here? Is such a beast...
  3. P


    I saw an advertisement in one of the papers for "Aquamag plus" a computer controlled water conditioner.It claims to eliminate limescale, preventing damage to electrical appliances.In a previous thread I wrote about repairs required to our boiler in Akbuk after such a short time.Appears to be...
  4. jane2005


    Can someone tell me if this is true. A friend of mine has been told he cannot use tap water to fill up his pool. Apparently the limescale in tap water can cause skin damage as it heats up in the sunshine. He is having the pool filled with bottled/mineral water. He has someone to coming to...
  5. merlin

    Limescale in bottled water.... Why?

    Answering my own question here to some extent but you know those big bottles of water we all use (18Lt) the ones that get delivered to our sites and apartments daily well, I dont understand if they are supposed to be like spring water, why do I still get limescale deposits building up in my...
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