1. A

    Lights from the Uk

    I just wondered had anybody brought uk ceiling lights to turkey and had them fitted? Does this cause any problems or is it pretty straight forward?
  2. A

    Switches - lights and sockets

    Hello - maybe a strange one to ask but in the Uk you can get chrome switches and sockets. Does anything like this exist in turkey? If so where from?
  3. gally

    lights or no lights?

    Just wondering what other peoples opinions are regarding headlights/sidelights when driving in bad weather. It just amazes me how many arrogant drivers there are out there who absolutely refuse to turn on their lights when it's peeing down so much that the spray from the roads makes it difficult...
  4. S

    Cost of LED pool lights

    Hi has anyone an idea what the cost of LED pool lights are. Also roughly how much it would be to have them fitted. Thanks Sarahlou
  5. yalimart

    Turn the lights off as you leave. Privatisation pays. Martin
  6. ted j

    Lights switch for pool

    When we got here , the heavy rain (and the crap silicone the builders used) had taken their toll on the pump room was flooded right up to the brim , luckily, we had taken the pump out when we left last time, but the electrics were all underwater Rather than do it myself (I had enough to...
  7. juco

    Put the lights off!

    Personally I would like for them to do more on this, it would be nice to see the stars again. They could at least dim them down say after 11.00pm or off all together. or operated by a PIR after a certain time. As for an increase in burglary, thay are more easily spotted if they have to use a...
  8. A

    Traffic Lights

    Now that İ counted 51 petrol stations between Antalya airport and Side - I thought it might be prudent to count the traffic lights too - there are 21 of them in that short distance of a 50 minute journey - crazy or what?!:28:
  9. martin m

    solar lights

    Hi all I am presently exploring my options for a solar light for the balcony, and wondered if anyone else had done any research that I could compare my "find" with, the things I specifically wanted were that the light would stay on, and not go off until either turned of or run out of power, so...
  10. B

    Christmas lights

  11. Yalides

    Christmas tree and lights

    Our next door neighbours, Turkish, got tree and lights up.....:confused:
  12. culturevulture

    Christmas LED lights??

    Does anyone know here I can get a 200 bulb set of white LED Christmas lights for indoor use? I need them for an all year round decorative purpose. Mary.
  13. B

    The northern lights.

    This is fantastic. Pop the sound on. APOD: 2012 March 5 - Flying Over the Earth at Night
  14. D

    Mania at Land of Lights

    I have just read that Aunt Julia will no longer help readers of the local rag. The lady who wrote the column is a friend of mine and is probably the most educated and wisest woman around these parts; contrary to the editorial slant of a column now called "Ask Abla", Julia was sacked. Reason...
  15. Dalaman Deli

    Dalaman's New Tea Garden & Traffic Lights!

    Dalaman has a new tea garden in front of the Mosque. I think the Belediye have made a grand job of it and it really brightens up the space. We also have a new set of traffic lights. The first ever in the town centre. How exciting is that?! They are at the top of the high street, at the...
  16. hijo

    lights and lightning

    some pics from our balcony tonight in Kusadasi....... ..... ..sorry the pictures are not any bigger ..i only have to seem to have a problem on this forum..every other forum seems to be ok
  17. Gazarra

    Northern Lights in Yalikavak ?????

    After three years of very little solar activity in the upper atmosphere yesterday's solar storm created fantastic displays of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)here in Finland yesterday evening. It's forcaste that if the nights remain clear we should experience similar displays for the coming...
  18. Mojive

    Northern Lights over Scotland!

    Scotland gets a view of the Northern Lights | Scotland | STV News Anybody seen anything? Follow this link to see some of the photograhs of this amazing light show!! Alford in Aberdeenshire | Northern Lights visible in Scotland | STV News A light show I would love to see.Be it Scotland or...
  19. teosgirl

    Northern lights - Ireland

    SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - Head to Ireland to see Northern Ligths Very interesting, it's something I've always wanted to see. Charlotte
  20. arrian

    Christmas Lights remind me

    of politicians Half the suckers don't work and the others aren't that bright!!!!
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