1. A

    Lighting shop (dalaman area/region)

    I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for lighting shops in the dalaman area- happy to travel. Any websites/Facebook pages would be great.
  2. tomc1984

    Town square lighting

    Anybody know what happened to the nice street lights that were on at the opening of the square, they were taken down the next day, was this just for show. Saw them digging at the cables this morning but was not sure if there taking them out or putting them back.
  3. Y

    The bedroom lighting conditions

    The bedroom lighting conditions The bedroom lighting conditions also limit the choice of the floor color. Good lighting bedroom Needless to say, can be selected at random; while the lower floors, inadequate lighting , the room will have to pay attention to select high brightness, color suitable...
  4. P


    hello, we have a apartment in Yalikavk, we want to up date the lights, which are the best shops in the Bodrum area to buy from, or can we bring lights from the Uk, if yes will they be ok to wire in to the electric in Turkey Thanks Phil
  5. A89

    Lighting candles for Soo.

    I've just lit my candle for Soo. I'll be thinking of her and her family today and will remotely join in the celebration of her life. What a wonderful courageous lady and I'm sure an inspiration to us all. Love and prayers Alison x
  6. C

    outdoor Lighting

    Any suggestions where I should go to purchase outdoor wall lights - Yalikavak/Bodrum region. Durable material that won't get sun/winter damage. Thanks
  7. I

    Swiss Hotel Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

    Thought this might be of Interest. Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Date: 14 December 2010, 17:30 Venue: Lobby Lounge Swissotel Grand Efes Izmir Free Admission * there will be lights snacks and refreshments For information please call 0232 4140000
  8. Yogi

    Lighting Shop In Akbuk?

    Hi, I have an apartment on the Pyramids resort in Akbuk. I am coming out to Akbuk in about 3 weeks and need to sort out Lighting for the apartment (bare bulbs are not very appealing/relaxing!), I have all the other furniture etc.. already. I just wondered is there anywhere in Akbuk that'll do...
  9. shirleyanntr

    Lighting the beach for Ramazan

    People who fast during Ramazan dont go into the pool or sea as it would break the fast by having water enter the mouth. Since not everybody has access to a pool the Alanya Belediye has lit up three of the public beaches to allow people who are both on holiday and fasting to swim safely after...
  10. H

    In need of lighting products for my Iguana

    I am desperatelttrying to find good pet shops or internet based companies in Turkey which sell lights suitable formy Iguana, the lights must emit UVA and UVB rays. If anyone knows of any shops or webbasedcompanies selling products for Iguana'scan you please please post them. I am in desperate...
  11. L

    new lighting shop

    just a bit of info for you. there is a new lighting shop in Akbuk. we went in the other day but they were just setting up but it looked like they had some nice stuff. tried to get some prices but the lady in the shop just kept telling me yeni. but when i went past the other day the signs...

    lighting shops in Akbuk

    Hi Akbukers Can anyone recommend the lighting shops in Akbuk. We had a look when we out in May and the prices seemed very reasonable . Just need to know what the service is like thanks eve


    does anyone think that £620 is reasonable to have lights fitted to house apprx. 27 of them. Is this a good price or is it too much to pay in Turkey ? Jeannie
  14. R

    Electrical lighting circuits

    Does anybody know if the lighting cicuits are twin cabled with an earth. The villa is 4/5 years old Is it safe to install metal lighting fitments ? Can anyone help? Thanks Susan and Rob
  15. Z

    roadworks, street lighting, flooding etc.

    Hi All, Glad to have joined to be able to discuss different things that might crop up anytime. Have recently bought an apartment with my partner in altinkum near to third beach, haven't moved in yet, still unfurnished.Recently it was brought to my attention that flooding during winter months can...
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