1. E

    IPad Air lightening connecters

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy the above. I have tried Gold and Tech shop in Fethiye but no luck . I want to play mt ipad on TV and need the above connector plus HDML lead to play my ipad on TV.
  2. arrian

    Lightening strikes-again and again........

    I could just imagine sitting on a balcony watching this spectacular sight, night after night, absolutely amazing. The everlasting storm: Stunning images of unique phenomenon in Venezuela where lightning has raged almost EVERY NIGHT for thousands of years | Mail Online
  3. no-nem

    Blizzards & Lightening!

    Driving back from Side last night, I experienced Thundery rain in Antalya before entering the Korkutelli mountains and just west it turned into a raging Blizzard but with Lightening!! (bugger no snow chains in the boot. Note to snow chains)Quite pleased to get into Lower ground going...
  4. luckycat68

    Lightening Strikes Us !

    Well what a few days we have had - was in bed on Saturday morning when a flash of lightening followed by a very loud thundercrack - I said to hubby " wow -that was close " --- Closer then we thought !! It had hit our restaurant and caused alot of damage- the solar panels had been struck &...
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