1. M

    Thinking of Relocating to Altinkum

    Any advice would be welcome as I am thinking of moving to Altinkum from the UK. I am new to this forum and I would really like to meet new people and find out what the lifestyle in Altinkum is like for a British woman on her own. 😎:bigkiss: :eyeye: :307bt:
  2. M

    Lifestyle Residence Altinkum

    Hi I am new to this forum and would like to hear from anyone who has purchased property in Lifestyle Residence through Turkish Golden Sands. We paid a deposit on an apartment there over two years ago and after the completion date was delayed for over 18months we finally recieved an email telling...
  3. P

    Lifestyle Residence

    enquiring about this complex for the parents of a friend who put a deposit down 2 years ago.When she went to look at the weekend,some guy would not let them in to look at the one they had bought,but she spoke to a couple and she was told there was no work going on.The comlex is top of the hill...
  4. teosgirl

    single lifestyle more dangerous than nuclear meltdown?

    Staying single a bigger threat than nuclear power, Turkish minister says - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review What a totally bizarre statement to make. It looks like Erdogans reign will continue to ride roughshod over the public's reasonable concerns. I wonder if he'd want one built in...
  5. Q

    Lifestyle Cameleon

    Hello Forumers, My name is Andre and I am 23 years of age, born and raised in Holland. I am ambitious and like diversity. My hobbies are sports, movies and music, photography, human interactions and relaxing. I have been offered a job in Istanbul-Turkey and I know this is what I want with my...
  6. culturevulture

    Neighbours at Lifestyle Residence????

    Hi, As some of you may know, in November of last your, I bought a two bed apartment Didim in the LifestyleResidence. So far so good. I hope to have my Tapu in April as the builder expects to have Hab Cert this month. I was over there for ten days recently and the builder was round everyday. He...
  7. KKOB

    'Gays are negative on lifestyle'

    Forty percent of homosexuals consider their lifestyle choice to be perverse: ’Gays are negative on lifestyle’ - Hurriyet - English Online But, as usual there are "Lies, damn lies and statistics".
  8. merlin

    Izmir Air Station still adjusting to post-9/11 lifestyle....

    estripes Most people like to receive a little recognition for their hard work, even if it’s just something to share with friends and family. Especially when those friends and family members are thousands of miles away. When it comes to being noticed these days, there aren’t many U.S. military...
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