1. M

    Exchanging Canadian Driving License

    Can a Canadian driving license to be exchanged for a Turkish one? I read that there's no road and traffic treaty conversion between Canada and Turkey. I understand UAE (United Arab Emirates) licenses can be exchanged. Can someone with Canadian passport exchange its UAE driving license for a...
  2. SonnyJim

    International Driving License

    Good morning everyone! We have Turkish driving licenses and are hiring a car in France next month. The car hire company states if you do not have a European licence you have to take an international one. My question is does anyone know who and where do we have to go to apply for one? Also...
  3. M

    Motorbike License

    I have a Turkish Driving license after completing the process with DVLA/Consulate etc etc but they have not given a full motorbike category i have A full UK motorcycle licence and they only gave me TR category A2-B. Has this happened to anyone else?
  4. S

    Whats the easiest way to get turkish driving license ?

    Hi guys i need help. I want to know how i can get turkish driving license im iraqi citizen i want driving license whats the process ? Some say you can put 1500$ in bank then you get turkish residence then i can get driving license? Im really confused and i need to know how i can get one and...
  5. A

    U.K. Driving license

    Does anyone know anything about the new rules regarding uk driving license in turkey? Is there a way of not having to change to a Turkish license? Thankyou for any info.
  6. christella

    International driving license

    An idea I was told applying for the new license inturkey don't bother go to a large post office in England buy an international one for a fiver to be renewed every year and state the country you will be using it in
  7. J

    Driving license

    Hi , where in Alanya do I have to go to have my driving license translated and notorarised thank you
  8. R

    MOT and License in Izmir

    Need to get my in laws car inspected. Where is the inspection station? We live in Balcova. Also, got my residence card and would like to get my turkish license. Was told I just need to apply and dont need to take any this true? I also have motorcycle endorsement on my US license.
  9. suzyq

    Turkish License holders to pay extra fees with new regulation

    Turkish citizens holding an active driver’s license will be paying extra fees to renew their licenses in line with the new traffic regulations, with the price going up to 423 Turkish Liras if proper deadlines are missed. All drivers renewing their licenses will pay an initial fee of 89 liras...
  10. J

    Swimming Pool License

    Residents on our Complex have recently been informed that it is now a legal requirement for the Pool to be licensed. Are there any members who could offer advice on this issue, cost to secure the license and consequence of not complying being of particular interest.
  11. K

    Driver's License for my situation

    Hi all! I tried to find the right forum for this, but couldn't find one specifically about driver's licenses so I'm dumping it here. I'm from the US and I've been in Turkey on a residence permit for 3 years. I recently renewed my license in the states and am wondering what I need to do to...
  12. S

    UK-Turkish license

    Just for info, this was taken from the Fethiye expats page on facebook today. "Just to let everyone who is interested in obtaining Turkish driving license know that they are no longer accepting old English paper driving licenses for obtaining Turkish driving license at the traffic police."
  13. Fuzzy

    Skippers License ?

    We've just been looking at a boat for sale and wonder if a skippers license is needed? it's 5.9 meters long with a 90hp engine. its already been registered etc and i believe you need to re register it every year but it costs nothing ? we only want to use it to visit the local little coves and...
  14. Fuzzy

    Turkish driving license ( again ! )

    After reading all the threads here recently regarding the new law of having to have a Turkish driving license now... l'm still confused as to whether you can have a translation of your present license or whether you must go through the procedure of getting the Turkish license ? ?? ....and is...
  15. perfect1949

    how many of us have a Turkish driving license

    just though i would start this thread to see who as and who as not . dave
  16. N

    Getting a motorcycle license?

    I'm a British citizen here with a residence permit, never had any kind of driving license before in my life and was wondering how I could go about getting a license here, at least for a motorbike? I can already drive a bike perfectly btw.
  17. P

    Turkish driving license update

    So here is the update. My quest to get a Turkish driving license in Didim 1. Go to Drivers' Association - Þoförler Derneði which on Ege Caddesi near Oasis Village.It's on the corner by the butchers but one row back.An orange mosaic building.You need the ground floor and ask for a 'dosya'.I...
  18. christella

    the old green paper license

    are they still valid in britain i have one and was told i had to apply for the new 10 year ones
  19. DAN62

    Hunting License (Firearm)

    Could anyone shed a light on how to apply and obtain a hunting license, I'm thinking of doing some wild boar, pheasant hunting. Thanks
  20. 5

    License needed for sea fishing in Turkey?

    Hi, Can anybody clarify in simple terms whether I need a license as a tourist to do a bit of sea fishing in Turkey. Cheers John
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