1. immac

    Old Style Licences

    Old style Turkish driving licences need to be replaced before end of this year, I am told. Replacement is only 15TL, but of course the rigmarole to do it includes medical, police check and photos. Ian
  2. Yalides

    TV licences

    See on the news today that the BBC will be asking the over 75s to make a voluntary contribution to the licence fee after 2018. Not April 1st yet is it ?
  3. B

    Turkish driving licences & insurance

    I received a letter from my insurance company this month regarding a "new law" covering driving licences. " Dear Client, In accordance with the new traffic laws please note the following points concerning your vehicle insurance. If the following requirements are not met your insurance cover...
  4. Lez Zetli

    Freeze on Turkish Driving Licences?

    Reminded by the exciting wild-west style thread about Turkish driving licences here: Driving Licence Shoot Out I mentioned to my Turkish friend that I wanted to start applying for a Turkish licence and they said that, at the moment, no-one can apply for a licence, Turks and foreigners alike as...
  5. Yalides

    Driving licences

    What a bloody palaver just to get a Turkish driving licence. Glad thats over.
  6. M

    Diabetes and Driving Licences

    My husband is an insulin dependent diabetic, and as such has had to renew his British driving licence every three years since diagnosis, now 32 years ago. Has anyone had experience of this renewal whilst in Turkey? I am interested in how to complete the form which requires clinic visit dates...
  7. G

    Fishing Licences in Turkey

    Does anyone know if you need a rod licence to fish Turkey's rivers, lakes and seas
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