1. M

    TV Licence

    Dos anyone in the UK know the correct number to ring to get a Licence? I have now had my free licence taken away. I have received two or three letters, purporting to come from the TV Licensing Authority, but there is not a matching number amongst them! There are about seven or eight numbers...
  2. Yalides

    UK TV licence

    Not had one since coming back to the UK. Just had a reminder through the door after nearly 8 years back. Don`t think we will bother, BBC is nothing but crap these days...
  3. bickern

    Driving Licence Turkey

    As I have had a Turkish licence for many years I find it ideal as acceptable ID in Turkey and some may be surprised it has more use than just driving. But, the reason for the post is that many in Turkey pop out every six months and get a stamp on their passport but with the borders shut that...
  4. ted j

    TV licence

    There is a huge backlash of people complaining about the BBC stopping free TV licences for the over 75's Piers Morgan (like him or not) has said that only last week, D Day veterans were being honoured and now they are being penalised There are 106 executives who earn more than £160 000 with...
  5. suecheshireuk

    Latest news regarding getting a Turkish driving licence.

    I'm afraid I don't have a link but I have taken this information from elsewhere. To get a Turkish driving licence, you take a written exam in English, which is done online in Mugla (this is for this area obviously) education dept. You will be given a course book and a web link to study for the...
  6. T

    Turkish Driving Licence

    Hello Guys Is it a requirement to get a Turkish driving licence or do you still use your UK licence ? I have been spot checked several times by police but just show my passport or residency permit which they seem to accept ??? But what is the Turkish law on this ? Tony
  7. S

    UK Driving Licence Categories

    Just got my new UK driving licence and I note I am covered for motorcycle category A but despite checking various websites I get totally contradictory answers as to what this means On one site it states I can ride a moped up to 125cc but I do not think that's correct. Any ideas?
  8. B

    Now there are limits on UK Driving Licence

    Anybody affected by this (they are ALWAYS changing the bloody rules!)... Drivers License Impact - Consequences for not changing your license? in Legal - YellAli
  9. C

    Turkish Driving Licence

    I am changing my English driving licence to a Turkish one. I am having my medical on Thursday and I have all the necessary paperwork completed. My question is which Bank will take payment of my licence? Thanks for your help.
  10. paddington bear

    Another Driving Licence Question

    I am going to go this week to get a Turkish Driving Licence. I understand that both my passport and UK Driving Licence have to be translated but do they have to be notarised as well. Sue
  11. C

    Turkish Driving Licence

    I need to change my British Driving Licence to a Turkish one. Does anyone know if I obtain my medical report from a local doctor or do I need to go to a hospital. Thank you
  12. yalimart

    Driving licence rule changes

    DRIVING LICENCE LAW CHANGES!!! We have just learnt today that as of 1st January 2016 if you wish to change to a Turkish Driving Licence your original licence will be kept by the Turkish Government when the Turkish licence is issued. You will also need an educational certificate (proof of...
  13. butt007

    Windows explorer licence??

    I bought an HP pavilion laptop in July 2013 from PC World where they set it all up for me at a cost of 60pounds if I remember right.. Since Sept. 21st last month I now keep getting this notice when I start up my comp. "Your windows licence expires on October 21st. Re-enter the code...
  14. C

    UK Driving Licence

    I live in Turkey but I would like to hire a car and I wondered if my UK driving licence would be acceptable.
  15. christella

    new rules for driving licence in GB

    DVLA has announced changes to the way your driving licence is maintained. From 8 June, if you possess a paper counterpart to a photocard driving licence, which contains information on vehicle categories, endorsements or penalty points, it will no longer be valid. The changes will not affect...
  16. K

    Licence to Kill.

    The government is planning to sell licences for hunting holidays to kill Turkish wildlife. the link below is to a petition mounted by to oppose it. If you have the time and inclination, please would you lend your support to try and stop the killing of Turkish wild-life which is...
  17. C

    Driving to UK with Turkish licence

    Anybody had any experience driving to UK with a Turkish licence? I intend going later this year in my 15 year old Turkish registered (not M plate) TOFAŞ Kartal estate to collect some of my stuff still languishing in UK. My UK licence has expired so will be on Turkish licence only, any ideas?
  18. juco

    Paid your TV licence?

    How long before the list expands.
  19. Spurs

    Driving licence.

    So the price for the renewal of a UK driving licence will drop from £20 to £14 & Danny Alexander say its "giving something back to the people". A BIG thank you from me...............that's £6 saved over 10 years for me, I feel a holiday coming on!!! Now if it been a cut of 32% on a TV licence...
  20. gally

    Licence for a Quad Bike?

    Does anyone know what driving licence is required to drive a road legal Quad Bike in Turkey please? I know mopeds/scooters out here require a UK "Full" Motorcycle licence as UK provisionals don't count out here but not sure about Quads. Any ideas? Many thanks for any help.
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