1. K

    Liability Insurance for Apartments

    Dear All, I own an apartment in Kalkan.The apartment is one of four in a single building with a shared pool. Three of the owners are from the UK, the fourth is Turkish. Two of the three UK owners insure buildings and contents locally in Turkey whilst my apartment is insured with Intasure but...
  2. V

    Sitesi Public Liability Insurance

    Can anyone please advise as to how public liability insurance for a sitesi consisting of approx 65-70 tapus would be calculated. If you are living on a similar sized complex I would welcome some info re what the premium is on your sitesi.
  3. H

    Public Liability Insurance?

    We insure through Intasure just so we can get Public liability cover, we rent out and in today's litigative it surely has to be a must, . . . . . my question is do any of you out there have this through Turkish insurance as Intasure's latest renewal price is HEAVY!
  4. Mushtaq

    Economy becomes liability for Turkey's scandal-hit government

    When a senior Turkish businessman publicly criticized the central bank this week for failing to stabilize the tumbling lira currency, he was taking aim at a pillar of support for the government: its reputation for strong economic management. Monetary policy "is causing losses to companies which...
  5. W

    Maintenance liability

    Hi all, If anyone can help I would like to know the answer to this question: If apartment owners in a complex have their apartment empty/vacant and don't have a water meter or electricity meters Are those owners exempt from paying any communal maintenance charges? I would think that All owners...
  6. Gamuret

    Turkish tax liability

    Does anybody know whether a person who is UK tax-resident, but receiving a regular monthly income in Turkey, is liable to Turkish taxes. Our Turkish colleague maintains that because it would be coming through his Turkish company, we have to pay 30% tax on it. Neither of us have anything in the...
  7. I

    Ltd company Liability

    Posting on behalf of a friend Will keep to the facts -Turkish LTD Company -Originally 4 shareholders,1 Shareholders -4th shareholder signed over shares last year -2 shareholders signed over shares early this year (due to conduct of remaining shareholder being in question and other shareholders...
  8. J

    Public Liability insurance for sitesi

    Can any one help me with info, is this insurance for sites compulsory and if so where is the best place to get it. We know of no sites who have it but that means little. We do have a company who rent out commercially on our site and would assume that they should have the insurance for...
  9. M

    Public Liability Insurance for a sitesi

    I hope someone can advise and help me. We don't have public liability insurance on our sitesi and have recently had a couple of accidents in the communal swimming pool- slipping over etc. Many of the apartments are holiday lets and we're not sure where we stand legally, could we, (the owners)...
  10. J

    Public liability Insurance

    Our site is run by a Turkish Manager and has a management board comprised of both Turkish and English owners (of which I am one). I have asked if the manager can organise public liability insurance for the site (if an owner or guest has an accident as a result of a fault with site equipment or...
  11. R

    Public Liability on a complex

    We have bought on an apartment complex in Altinkum, Didim and are trying to get to enjoy our holidays there while getting all the complexities sorted out. We have had a very bad management company who let us down very badly and as so many other people have said it was the developers who looked...
  12. C

    Public liability in a holiday complex

    We have an apartment in a small complex which is used by family and friends, and we also rent it to out to holidaymakers. We have set up a committee and everything is run properly. We have a maintenance company looking after our pool and gardens. A couple of weeks ago an owner on holiday who has...
  13. F

    Public Liability Insurance

    Hi, I want to be able to rent my apartment out commercially, but daren't until I have the right public liability insurance. I tried to do this in Turkey, to no avail and have researched on the internet for UK based insurance companies who offer this service, again with fruitless results-can...
  14. P


    Our villa is on a site of some 34 villas,I will not be letting it out,would I be liable if some visitor or other guest injured themselves on the communal areas of the site,or will the actual person letting the villa be liable? Any advise much appreciated.
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