1. D

    Lewis Hamilton..??

    I use to like this guy. But lately all I'm seeing is a pretentious little pratt.
  2. hayabusa

    Lewis - What a great Grand Prix Racer.

    Lewis has done it again ! Great drive from him, and a great sport advert for Great Britain. 5th straight GP win at Silverstone and with the fasted lap as well in the race. This of course could be the last Grand Prix in Silverstone. Go on and win the title again Lewis !.....YOU can do...
  3. yalimart

    Lewis Hamilton

    He doesnt live here, he doesnt pay tax here yet he is happy parading around wearing our flag. He is nominated for Sports personallity of the year to be broadcast on 14th of December He is unlikely to be on his own in this mix, what are your thoughts ...
  4. yalimart

    John Lewis Christmas Advert

    I bet Monty the penguin wasnt expecting this ! https://uk.screen.yahoo.com/wildlife-videos/scientists-capture-unique-footage-seals-093651887.html?vp=1 Martin
  5. K

    Today's grand prix - Good old Lewis !

    Can anybody tell which channel I can whatch today's race on Thanks
  6. bickern

    Lewis Collins - Bodie - RIP

    RİP, I used to be an avid fan. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Actor Lewis Collins, star of the cult television show The Professionals, has died at the age of 67. Collins, who played taciturn tough guy Bodie alongside Martin Shaw, had fought a five-year...
  7. altinkum kev

    Lewis Hamilton

    At last a great race a great win for a great driver,off to celebrate now.
  8. Yalides

    Leona Lewis

    What an absolutely fabulous voice this girl has got. Will have to watch Avatar again just to hear her.
  9. mrkeith

    Carl Lewis

    With the Olympic games on the not too distant horizon and considering all the cheats and drug users that pollute athletics it was so good to listen to this man being interviewed on Aljareera. A prolific athlete that was the fastest man over 100 and 200m and gold medal winner at the long jump he...
  10. babsgood

    Lewis did it!!

    Did you watch the Brazillian Grand Prix last night? bloomin hell we really thought Hamilton had missed out again, so did Massas team come to that, however Lewis managed to slide past to move up into fifth and to take the title. we missed the overtaking manouvre and couldn't understand why...
  11. simon90

    Lewis Hamilton.

    Could it be possible that Lewis Hamiltons shining reputation has gone to his head and now his performance has decreased due to it? Yesterdays performance was very shocking, starting 3rd on the grid, but managing to end up finishing in 13th position after stalling and slamming into the back of...
  12. D

    LEWIS SMALL - Pls contact me asap.

    I have found your driving licence in road outside Gempa in Calis. If anyone one knows Lewis please let him know.
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