1. U

    Long term letting over summer

    Hi everybody I'm looking for a long term let over the summer (and possibly beyond) . A house is preferable to an apartment . With proximity to the Marina if possible . A family of 3 (my two elderly parents and myself ) . TY in advance for any suggestions
  2. P

    recomend letting agent

    Hi can any one recomend letting agent to let out and look after my apt. in antalya would pref. some one who you have used and been happy with rather than i no someone who new someone let me say thanks in advance to any one who can help
  3. R

    letting agents

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of using a company called Joy Lettings in Dalaman area. I am thinking of booking through them but as they are asking for a substantial deposit I thought it would be prudent to try to locate anyone who has used them in recent years as all the information I...
  4. F

    letting agents in Altinkum

    Hi guys, This may be the wrong place to ask and if so I apologise in advance. I have an apartment which I let in Altinkum, the letting agents is not very communicative with me, and as I am in England for most of the year I need someone I can trust and who will keep me in touch with what is...
  5. arrian

    Letting it all hang out?

    i'm posting this in the back room, so you can make whatever comments you like! i'm just glad I don't see that when I look in the mirror! :animation :wacko:
  6. M

    Any good Letting Agents: Yali/Bodrum area + UK agents who organise letting in Turkey?

    Hi All! Basically I've asked the question in the title! Can anyone reccommend from personal experience or friends any good, reliable letting agents in the Yali/ Bodrum area? Are there other letting agents in nearby towns etc that might also be reccommended for this purpose? If anyone has any...
  7. P

    Holiday Letting Agreement

    Hi Guys Am looking to let my place out a bit more - which is fine as I have a nice Turkish chap looking after this for me (Taylan - he runs the DVD place opposite the entrance to the Italian Cafe just on the harbour) Does anyone have a copy of a holiday let agreement that I can use please as I...
  8. B

    Letting Agent Ideas

    I have recently bought an apartment and was hoping to rent it out some of the year. Does anyone have a good experience with an agent or an internet letting agent that they could recommend?
  9. R

    Letting Agents in the Side/Manavgat region

    Good Afternoon, my name is Robin and I have read this forum for many months and offer my thanks for all the help I have received to date. I own a three-bed duplex in Manavgat, which is furnished, and overlooks the river which runs through the centre of the city. Could anyone assist by suggesting...
  10. B

    decent letting agents

    any decent letting agents we have our new 2 bed apt let with altinkum lettings since aug 2008,with still no customers.we paid £100 for them to put on internet to advertise,but they have not bothered to get clients, i think the company offer too many apts or they just dont follow up...
  11. D

    bed options for letting

    Here's a dilema, I would appreciate all opinions as might as well start thinking about this sooner rather than later. We will be furnishing our 2 bed apt next year and are a family of 2 adults and 2 children. If it was only for our own use we would buy a double (or King size) bed and twin beds...
  12. R

    Letting Alanya Ity!!!!

    Letting Alanya !!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE HELP!!!!!!!! I have a 2 bed place in the center and although i relise that there is a problem with the selling market in Alanya. Is it the same with rentals??? as my agent seems to be telling me that he cant let the place even though we have redecorated...
  13. plymouthspur

    Illegal letting of Holiday homes

    I read the letter below in Voices and was quite horrified that an agent would do this without permission from the owner. I feel I have complete trust in my agent and that he and his family are friends to us. We choose not to rent out our property as it will soon be our permanent home but know...
  14. M

    holiday letting advice

    can anyone offer advice on where i can get a copy of what a booking form should look and read like.we are hoping to let our apartment this year we are advertised on various sites where they would deal with that but if we get our own personal bookings we are not quite sure what it should say or...
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