1. bickern

    Free Turkish Lessons

    I believe the Koycegiz Halk Egitim has started a fresh Turkish Language course three times a week and it started this morning. The course is free so it may be cost effective for those in the surrounding areas to pool a car and fuel and attend.
  2. S

    Turkish Lessons in Manchester

    Hi, I would like to tell you about North West Turkish Academy. We have been teaching Turkish to children and adults for 2 years in Manchester. North West Turkish Academy not only provides Turkish lessons for children and adults in Manchester but also brings the Turkish-British community...
  3. S

    Geography/History lessons required for UKIP

    Paul Nuttall confuses Australia and Argentina in Falklands blunder - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  4. H

    Turkish lessons

    Anyone know of someone who gives Turkish' lessons in Dalyan and some idea of cost. Thanks
  5. D

    Turkish Language Lessons

    Hey all, We (Me, My wife, my 3 year old daughter and our doggies) just moved to Drekoy from Los Angeles and we are loving it!! My goal is to speak good Turkish in 6 month from now :) To be able to reach this ambitious goal I need a class or private lessons. Can you give me some pointers...
  6. M

    Music lessons = turkish clarinet

    Does anyone out there know any Turks who could help me with my new Turkish clarinet - I will be in the Fethiye area in June and September 2017 and would like to learn to play folk music. Thanks.
  7. TurkInDenmark

    Turkish lessons in Izmir

    Hey all. Me and my girlfriend are moving from Alanya to Izmir next week, after my GF has obtained her residence permit in Antalya. We heard from people we know in Alanya, that with a residence permit, one can follow a Turkish course provided by the state. Does anyone know about this, and where...
  8. TurkInDenmark

    Piano lessons in Alanya?

    Okay, so me and my GF are in Alanya for the season as tourists. Do anyone of you know a place where you can get piano lessons? Pref. in English. But Turkish could work too.
  9. T

    Turkish lessons [one to one] via Skype

    Hi friends, I am an experienced Turkish Teacher. I have been teaching Turkish for 15 years and recently I started giving One to One lessons via Skype. If you are interested in lessons, pm me. Lesson fee : 10 Euros per hour. note: You can visit my facebook page regarding teaching Turkish...
  10. K

    Turkey takes lessons from ISIS?

    The Turkish PM is threatening dissent and physical punishment by dismemberment...
  11. bickern

    How to get hacked in a few easy lessons.

    If you were a hacker looking to release some new phishing scam, virus, or botnet control scheme, what would be the profile of your ideal victim? What bad habits would they have that you could easily exploit? Here are some definite bad habits that will have your machine infected six ways to...
  12. L

    Turkish lessons wanted - Marmaris/Icemeler

    Hello, I am currently living in marmaris and looking for Turkish lessons ASAP, do you still offer them? many thanks, Louise
  13. Isa

    Turkish lessons

    Hi everybody Me and some yabanci friends are starting turkish lessons next Monday. The lessons will be held at the Afrodite Restaurant in Mahmutlar. It is going to be 3 days a week, Monday, Tursday and Thursday for 1.30h. We start at 11 and finish at 12.30h. The price for now is 150tl a month...
  14. K

    Pottery lessons in Fethiye?

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in Fethiye that offers pottery/ceramic courses? I live in Kalkan and would be really interested in coming over to Fethiye and taking part in a course. Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. U

    Turkish Lessons For Beginners

    Hello all, As you may have heard, "Turkish for Foreigners" courses are getting more and more popular especially in Istanbul for the last few years. As an active Turkish instructor certificated from one of those courses specialized on "teaching Turkish as a foreign language", I’m starting giving...
  16. L

    Turkish Lessons wanted in Alanya

    Is anyone able to provide Turkish lessons in Alanya please? Thank you :)
  17. A

    Turkish Lessons needed

    Hi everyone, I am moving over to turkey at beginning if year and I want to start learning Turkish here an carry on learning when I am over there! I can't find any classes locally to me (Edinburgh) so will be looking for lessons over Skype. Have contacted a few people but no one is getting...
  18. ZiaCa'

    Carol Singing & Nine Lessons

    Fethiye Community Church is hosting a Carol Singing & Nine Lessons service at the Sevi Classic Hotel M.Akif Ersoy Cad. no:22 Çalış / Fethiye Sunday 8th Dec - 6pm Complimentary light buffet and mince pies will follow ....all welcome, free entry!
  19. shirleyanntr

    New Turkish lessons

    maybe there are still some people from the Alanya area that keep up with this dwindling forum.. if so just a reminder that we will meet in my place in Tosmur this Friday at 1 pm to sort dates and times out all welcome ...any level ...old and new learners a bit of learning with a lot of...
  20. Yalides

    Lessons from Noah’s Ark

    1 Don’t miss the boat. 2 Don’t forget we are all in the same boat. 3 Plan ahead, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark. 4 Stay fit-when you are 600 years old, someone might just ask you to do something really big. 5 Don’t listen to critics, just get on with what has to be done. 6 For...
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