1. K

    Daily disposable multifocal contact lenses

    Does anyone in Turkey wear these and can you buy them in Turkey? If so what is the cost?
  2. teosgirl

    purchasing contact lenses online

    Hi, I'm sure this issue has been covered before, but I tried the search facility which came up blank. Does anyone order contact lenses online and have them delivered to Turkey (if purchased outside Turkey)? And if so, which company do you use and how reliable is the service? I tried...
  3. Gill

    buying contact lenses in Yalikavak?

    Our son arrived early hours of this morning for a fortnight. Guess what -he's forgotten his contact lenses (he has his 'specs though) Does anyone know if we can buy "over the counter" contact lenses here in Yalikavak or even Bodrum for that matter. Many Thanks Gill
  4. rosewall1

    contact lenses

    I need new glasses but am seriously thinking of going for contact lenses. Has anyone any idea if and where you can get them in Bodrum and any idea of prices. Also has anyone had them made and could recommend someone. Thanks in advance. :438qr:
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