1. Ian2006

    Lemon Grove - Side

    Hi - does anyone know if the security at Lemon Grove operates all year round or is it just in the season? Thank you.
  2. D

    Has Our Lemon Tree Gone Rogue

    Five years ago we planted a lemon tree between an existing orange tree (healthy but oranges so bitter they were unusable) and another lemon tree (healthy, good fruit). Until last September the new tree grew normally and gave a steadily increasing crop of nice lemons. But, the crop from this...
  3. S

    Lemon Efes

    Tried Lemon Efes the other day for the first time Very good thirst quecher. 3.95 tl Migros
  4. Firebrand

    Guilty of possession (of a lemon)

    BBC News - Turkey: Kurd with lemon accused of supporting terror A Turkish prosecutor has demanded that a Kurdish man who is deaf, illiterate and unable to speak be jailed for 25 years for supporting terrorism. Possession of a half-lemon was cited as evidence against Mehmet Tahir Ilhan. Lemon...
  5. lara

    Zingy Lemon Shortbread slices

    Very basic. Make up the recipe for Lemon Curd. Make a shortbread base and when cold spread with the lemon curd and cook for a further 15 mins. Cut into squares and sieve over icing sugar. Delish with a cup of tea.
  6. Mirazz

    Lemon Cheesecake

    I'm not a very good cook but my daughter has plucked up the courage to ask me to make a lemon cheesecake. The last time I made cheesecake I was at school and it was lovely, but I've forgotten what to do, considering it was a very long time ago! I remember last time I used cottage cheese (I...
  7. bobthenob

    Pruning a lemon Tree

    l had such a wonderful crop of huge lemons this year which l had given away dozens of the juicy fruits. A year ago l pruned my lemon tree to the point where the fruit bearing branches had all the energy being fed into the branch l wanted to grow.And it worked very well and it produced over a...
  8. pembelu

    Freezing fresh squeezed orange / lemon juice..

    hi, i wondered who has managed to do this & it taste nice one thawed.. i have done a bit of research online & read mixed reviews as to taste & outcome once thawed (of orange juice particularly). It seems lemon juice frozen/thawed is fine but orange juice not so. anyone had any experience of this...
  9. W

    Lemon Cheesecake

    Hi folks Does anyone have a recipe for a non baked cheesecake? I would like to know what ingredients to use which are available in Turkey. I know normally you would probably used condensed milk but as that is not available in Turkey I'm stumped! I'm drooling already! Thanks
  10. D

    Does lemon work??

    Hi does anyone know if it helps if you cut a lemon and place near to your doors does it stop the mozzy's from coming in they love me cant say i feel the same please help before the summer and they come for me agian...:18::18:
  11. C

    Lemon Curd!

    For some reason I have been wanting some Lemon Curd so I decided to look up a recipe and make my own....I did last night and enjoyed it on toast this morning! yumyum!! The recipe is this one: BBC - Food - Recipes - Lemon curd Claire xx
  12. rosewall1

    G & T with lemon or lime tip

    If like me you enjoy a G & T with lemon or lime slices here is a tip. Buy lemons or limes when cheap, slice and freeze then as you put ice into your drink also put a slice nicely frozen I was in Kipa the other day and they had limes reduced but when I went to their organic counter the limes...
  13. bobthenob

    the handy lemon

    This is the first year,l have noticed on my lemon tree,[l planted 2 years ago],14 fruits swelling nicely.So,l done a bit of searching on the many uses one can do with a lemon. An article l found in the reader’s digest. 1/When your having a bbq,chuck a few peelings on the charcoal,this will...
  14. KKOB

    Lemon Cologne

    There are a few un-PC words in the piece but, well worth a read because there's a lot of truth in it. http://arseaboutfez.blogspot.com/
  15. W

    Lemon meringue?

    I think we need to change the poll!! Mushtaq It's not getting much response! I think we ought to have another one, like ..... Who or what is your favourite sweet? Mines:- (1) Apple Crumble and custard (2) Cheesecake (3) Ms Who!!! Hmmmm! Sorry! Kym you are only my number three! Alan :crazy...
  16. lorraine

    Home Made Lemon Curd

    Home Made Lemon Curd With the abundance of lemons in Turkey and a sudden craving for lemon curd thought why not make my own. It is so simple. member Pypn was asking about picking the fruit, well i am sure they would let you if you made them a jar of this. 4 Large lemons (I like the curd...
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