1. S

    Annual General Meeting: Legal Challenge?

    We have just had our AGM and the following decisions were taken: 1. That the third party site management provider can write their own contract/specification in consultation with the HOA. Can this be legally challenged? 2. We tendered for a new Clubhouse provider (essentially a cafe and bar)...
  2. E

    Balcony legal question

    Hopefully somebody can answer this. We live in a facility with 110 apartments total. We are the owners of 1 of them.Since a school is being built basically directly in front of our back balcony, we would like to put glass panels around the balcony to quiet it down a bit. I talked about it to...
  3. bickern

    100% legal movies

    Tubi TV Home to the web's largest library of free commercial movies (though definitely not commercial-free), Tubi TV offers content from studios including Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount. Similar to Crackle, it's available on a wide variety of devices and doesn't require an account, though doing...
  4. S

    Legal Responsibilities of Site Inspectors

    Looking for some info re above. We have 2 site inspectors- 1 Turkish and 1 European. I am aware of the role and responsibilities under Turkish Condo Law but my question surrounds whether each inspector HAS to provide a report for the agm OR whether it has to be a joint report with both...
  5. H

    Senior Attorney seeking a legal position in an International Law firm

    Dear colleagues, I'm Hassan Yassin, an Egyptian Senior Attorney before Cassation and Constitutional High Court, member of Arab Bar Association, member of UIA. I'm seeking a higher legal position in an International law firm in Turkey. Best regards. Hassan Yassin Senior Attorney
  6. D

    is it legal to bring second hand car parts in for personal use?

    İ am getting conflicting opinions on this subject and am looking for advice here.. what i want to do is buy a set of second hand wheels in the uk and bring them in on the service that runs to the uk to turkey...i am no dealer it is for personal use...İ can't imagine why it is illegal but i have...
  7. B

    London legal international

    Hello all My X is selling me her share of our property back to me and has decided to use London Legal international . The property is in Dalyan and i think the nearest office of theirs is Antalya . Does anyone have experience of useing them in similar property transactions. If you wish...
  8. juco

    The legal 500 series

    I am not recommending this as I just happened to come across it but it appears to be an international recommendation for law firms by country based on independent research and results achieved. The Legal 500 - About us
  9. S

    legal question

    Hi all, I am new to this forum although have owned an apartment in Side for the last 10 years. Can anyone help with my query, is it a mandatory requirement for cctv to be installed on a complex? We purchased our apartment from new and until June this year, the builder, Mecitoglu acted as our...
  10. bickern

    Legal costs and freedom

    With legal costs estimated at £3 mill for the Mitchel case where does that leave an ordinary man about town if he feels slighted. It suggests to me that the courts are out of reach of any sensible person that has a normal sense of fear. The legal profession always wins, that is a given, but now...
  11. J

    Legal Challenge/Registered Site Security Services

    Myself and a couple of other owners I know have just found out that an EGM has been held on our site, decisons made, fees decided and we were totally unaware of this EGM having been called. We were in the UK when this EGM was called and thus available to sign any registered/recorded delivery...
  12. E

    2 legal questions about a living facility

    We bought an apartment in Alanya last year and I was wondering if somebody here can help me with this. In our facility there are 4 buildings with a total of 140 apartments. One of the buildings with 30 apartments has not been in use yet and is therefore not making any costs as a whole. The...
  13. Yildez Datca

    Electric scooters legal for child?

    I've just seen a child, of no more than 8 or 9, speed along my street on a rented electric scooter. Surely it can't be legal? Either for the child to be driving it, or the owner to rent it to a child of this age? :dooh:
  14. bickern

    e-SPLIFF - 100 per cent legal e-joints

    Anyone want one of these? A Dutch company has invented the world's first electronic joint. E-Njoint BV is selling its high-tech spliffs at parties, music events, bars and clubs and across Europe. Currently 10,000 e-joints per day are being manufactured by the company in China. Its design has...
  15. scotssteve

    Legal Aid Cuts - Needed or Not

    BBC News - Legal aid cuts criticised by Treasury Counsel and Bar Council "70% of criminal barristers contracted to Very High Cost Cases receive fee incomes of over £100,000" Why should we not cut this huge bill??
  16. M

    Emlak sale contract legal?

    Can anyone tell me if a contract drawn up by an Emlak to sell my villa is legal. many thanks.
  17. M

    Need a lawyer - Legal Aid in Turkey?

    Hi Does anybody know if there is a scheme in Turkey, ( as there is in the UK) where you can get help/assistance with legal fees? If so, would be grateful for any help, information etc . Thanks
  18. W

    Legal Installation or not

    We have had a Turkish family install solar water system on the communal roof of our complex without going through the legal procedings and in accordance with the turkish Condominium Law. The issue was not discussed in a committee meeting, no approval or record of the proposed work was written in...
  19. culturevulture

    Maintenance Fees without Habitation Certificate - Legal ??? for Cem

    Now that we have Cem back, our very own TLF legal advisor, I would like to ask him some questions, please. Is it within the Law, that apartment owners on a complex can refuse to pay the yearly maintenance charge, if the complex does not yet have Hab Cert/Iskan? Even if the non-payers have their...
  20. C

    Legal Questions(New)

    Dear members, I've needed to introduce myself once again though most of the members here know who I am. This is Cem Turktekin, a professional legal advisor and lawyer currently living around Cappadocia region as a member of the Kayseri Bar association. I'll be in summer vacation for 2 weeks and...
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