1. S

    Left Turkey and gone back home?

    just curious to know how many of you have lived in turkey and now sold up and come home and how you are getting on, also why did you return,
  2. C

    Passport time left worry

    Hi there I bought my visa 2nd May 2017 but didn't use until July 2017 for 14 days. Now I am going to Turkey again 11 days in Sept still on a valid visa. But my passport has me wondering if I will still be ok as it Expires Jan 2018 . I know Turkey used to have a 3 month validity rule from when...
  3. Spurs

    Any honest people left

    Everyones at it. Sam Allardyce: England manager leaves after one match in charge - BBC Sport
  4. C

    Turkish husband had left me..........

    Hello, My Turkish husband recently left me (at 7 months pregnant). He returned to Turkey to visit his family but I got a call from him to tell me that he wasn't coming back to Ireland nor does he want us to come live there with him. To say I am shocked and upset is an understatement and now I...
  5. juco

    Using left over wood

    I thought I would give this a go as I had some 2x2 wood left over from a shower room refurb, a piece of 4x4 that I used for a fence post and the neighbours wooden slats from a bed they were chucking out. So I attempted to make a patio table, it is not quite finished yet as I need to tidy some...
  6. yalimart

    How long left ?

    This guy can't have long left the way he treats his body Paul Gascoigne hits new low as he exposes himself on the hunt for more booze - Entertainment Daily Martin
  7. N

    Left twix right twix

    What is the BBC trying to sell to us people by trying to portray the stand off between the barbarian Arabs and their iranian murderers counterparts as a fight between the sunnis and shiatest muslims none of whom give a toss about religion and or their people.
  8. B

    Voters left in the dark.

    Election 2015: Voters 'left in the dark', says IFS - BBC News I agree that none of the major parties are spelling out how they will pay for all of the promises they are making. Bill.
  9. B

    woman, raped and left for dead.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-31778850 I hope that they find this scum-bag soon and get him off our streets. Bill.
  10. T

    Party of the European Left (EL) assist Kobani & remove PKK from EU terrorist list

    The Party of the European Left (EL) has decided at a meeting of its Presidential Council in Athens to launch a campaign to provide economic and political support for Kobanê and for the removal of the PKK from the EU's list of “terrorist organisations” HDP European Representative Eyyüp Doru, who...
  11. B

    Britain and the Left Wing.

    The self-loathing of the British Left is now a problem for us all ? Telegraph Blogs There are many true points in this article. Most of it however, will be denied by the Socialists. Bill.
  12. teosgirl

    Wales left out of govt flood cash

    Wales 'Left Out' Of Govt Floods Clean-Up Cash The welsh have their own government and Wales (also Scotland) have a total population smaller than that of London. Speaking after that visit, the Minister for Natural Resources, Alun Davies, said: "I am encouraged to see the Prime Minister...
  13. C

    I wonder why i left the UK, hmmmm

    After reading this i know that's one reason why i left the UK. But im so pleased at last we have a government willing to change things. She says she will have to live somewhere cheaper and will have to get rid of her car.....what a bloody shame. Maybe she should have stopped at two kids and then...
  14. YogiPJ

    Can I enter Turkey with 3 months left on passport?

    Hello I know the rules say I need 6 months left on my passport when entering Turkey, BUT.... Does anyone have any experience of entering with less than 6 months on the passport? I am flying from Mexico to Brussels on 19th June and plan to fly from Brussels to Bodrum on 20th June, leaving...
  15. hayabusa

    Importing Left Hand Drive to Turkey.

    Hi all, Hope you are all well and enjoying life !...... I am thinking of driving down to Turkey with a 2.0ltr left hand drive Car - possibly a Vauxhall or Opel Zafira from England, UK. I intend to keep the Car in Turkey permanently at a property I own, and use it when I visit Turkey with is...
  16. G

    Magdalenes, the stuff left out of the report

    This is the some of the detail left out of the report for those of you interested in the ongoing details of the Magdalenes. If any of you are interested in Magdalenes outside Ireland contact me by pm and I will assist you where I can or put you directly in touch with some one else...
  17. Yildez Datca

    Yildez has left the building!

    Yes, I've left Mandalina. I recently found out that a hotel being built in front of my building, between the main road and the sea, will completely block my wonderful view. As you can imagine, I was extremely upset; I'd had my apartment for 7 years and lived in it full time for 5. I loved being...
  18. Sunny Seasider

    Have you ever left somewhere/someone early and regretted it

    Have you ever left somewhere/someone early and regretted it? Having just listened to a debate re the Man City game yesterday, whereby fans thought it was all over, left the ground early and now regret it as the celebrations flowed, their team having won in those final minutes. :smile: It got...
  19. mollag

    When left and right agree

    I dont know this guy, whether right or left but i like him, im thinking Dennis Skinner [the beast of bolsover] or Norman Tebbit [the chingford skinhead] He is such a star!:evil: Farage: What gives you the right to dictate to the Greek and Italian people? - YouTube
  20. P

    Pampering to the left?

    I would think more pampering to the wishes of his people.Another one talking the talk but will he walk the walk.Say one thing to get the votes and then ignore the majorities wishes,a bit like the UK. AFP: Sarkozy says 'we have too many foreigners' in France
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