1. M

    Leaving car in Turkey

    Hi, I'm planning on driving to Turkey this September and have a fairly good idea about route, paperwork ....etc My question is around how we can own a car from the UK and be able to drive in Turkey even when I'm away (will be flying back and forth) My questions are: 1) I need to travel (by...
  2. B

    HSBC Leaving Turkey?

    HSBC considers exit from Greece and Turkey | Business | ekathimerini.com
  3. D

    Customs law leaving a motorbike in Turkey

    I am riding from the UK to Turkey then staying with a friend for a few days in Turkey and then flying home and leaving my bike with my friend to continue my trip in the spring. Is it possible to leave the country without my bike and return later?
  4. N

    Leaving your car at customs

    Just an update and information for others. Following advice from another member through this forum I decided it was better and easy to scrap my car in Turkey rather than get it fixed. So today after Saga insurance and breakdown cover let me down I got towed £150 to Izmir Airport customs. The...
  5. D

    Leaving a Turkish registered motorbike in an EU country.

    Hi good folk, Has anybody left a Turkish registered vehicle/ motorbike in an EU country and then had problems getting back into Turkey? We left Turkey on the motorbike so it was checked out of the country at the Turkish/Bulgaria border. We have had problems with the bike and wish to fly back...
  6. Y

    Turkish ID card and foreign passport - leaving Turkey

    I'll be leaving Turkey soon for the first time since gaining Turkish citizenship. Normally, I know using your Turkish ID card and a UK passport is acceptable. However, since the coup attempt, some Turkish citizens need to produce a letter from their employer to leave the country. I presumed...
  7. Firefox

    Selling up and Leaving

    The time has come thought it never would But I'd better cash up and leave when the tide and momentum is still on my side. I leave with a heavy heart as I pack my collection of Persian rugs, Perfumes and various memorabilia. So long Turkey as I cash in the same £££ I got what I invested exactly...
  8. beyazbayan

    Leaving TLF

    İ have decided to leave as İ find it is no longer a forum for advice or discussion but has descended into a forum for personal political attacks and negative attitudes to anything Turkish or İslamic.
  9. M

    Exiting country, Leaving UK Vehicle for a week or two

    We have our vehicle in the country and want to go to Rhodes for a week, Can anyone confirm the current rules ie Do we have to leave the vehcile in a customs compound? Or is this no longer required etc? Many thanks for your help
  10. IbrahimAbi

    Buying UK property without leaving Turkey

    Hi, has anyone bought a property in the UK whilst still in Turkey, without returning to the UK for the sale? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  11. A

    HSBC Leaving Turkey

    HSBC is to pull out of Turkey as part of a general retrenchment from emerging markets, the Sunday Times business section said today. Anyone know if this is true? And if so, to whom will HSBC sell its Turkish operation?
  12. E

    Leaving Turkey - Going back home to UK

    Hi all We have decided to go back to the UK. We have a few resons for this, Turkish education, Turkish wage :( and just never feeling settled here. We have managed to solve the UK side, school, house and job. We have 2 problems here, 2 cats who we would love to take back and getting our...
  13. S

    Leaving caravan in Turkey

    I have some friends who would like to bring their caravan out from the UK and leave it here in Turkey. They have residency and would like to be able to travel around the country while they are here. Is it possible to leave it here permanently, or does it need to go out of the country after 6...
  14. E

    Apartment sold, leaving Turkey...

    After 14 years of property ownership in Turkey, we have decided to call it a day and last week sold our apartment in Ilica, near Side. We made a big loss on it, but are happy and relieved we can finally draw a line under our Turkish adventure. What started as a love affair with Turkey all those...
  15. mamish

    School leaving certificate

    I'm reposting this under a different title in the hope that someone will have some information! I'm trying to get a motorbike licence - it's for a 125cc scooter but they only issue one type of licence. I already have a Turkish driving licence and doing the test won't be a problem - my husband...
  16. suzyq

    Turkey mulls leaving World Wide Web, minister says

    Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication, has said Turkey may leave the World Wide Web (www) to establish its own "ttt" protocol amid the Turkish government's efforts to rein in global websites including Twitter and YouTube. During an informal meeting with journalists in...
  17. CJD

    Leaving luggage at airport

    We have a 6 hour wait at Ataturk airport before our uk flight is there anywhere to leave our hand luggage so that we can take a trip into instanbul?
  18. shirleyanntr

    Turkish protests

    The protests that have been ongoing in Gezi Park İstanbul are finally reaching a wider audience and it may make the world wake up to what is going on here. The protests which started off as a refusal to allow part of Taksim square to be redeveloped for yet another shopping Mall has taken off as...
  19. K

    Help Please leaving UK car in Turkey

    Hı all İs anyone able to help us wıth some ımformatıon.We have drıven from uk to Yalıkavak and our plan is to fly home at the end of June return end of august and drıve back to england ın october.We are a bıt concerned about the stamp ın my husbands passport ıf we are allowed to do thıs. Also...
  20. K

    Tazminat if leaving ones job?

    I am a foreigner who has worked for a private school in Istanbul for the past 11 years, and am about to resign and leave the country. Am I entitled to anything in the way of severance pay (tazminat?) or SSK payments? I have colleagues who have either had to retire (because they had reached 65)...
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