1. G

    iPhone 4 Leather Flip Case

    Hi Can anyone give me names of some on line Turkish sites where I might get decent( non Apple) case for IPhone 4/4s? I had a look at Sahabinden but did not find any full cases. Any help appreciated.
  2. immac

    Caretta Deri Mont Leather

    I am not connected to this new business other than he is making me a jacket. Caretta Deri (leather) is a new business set up by Abdulkadir Barak. Based in Ortaca, he used to work exclusively making tailored leather clothes for customers in the coastal hotels around Sarigerme; he is now...
  3. J

    leather embossing machıne or stamper

    hı does anyone on the forum know of a contact telephone number and locatıon of a person WHO supplıes embossıng stampers or small machıne so that ı can add companıes logo to leather. ı do not want ındustrıal type. Or ıf they know of anywhere where they do thıs . I would be grateful for any help.
  4. NigelandElaine

    Leather sofa

    please ,does anyone know where we can buy a new leather sofa settee in the bodrum,yali,gundogan area?
  5. C

    leather settees and tables 4 sale koycegiz

    leather recliners 3 seater 300 lira 2 seater 300 lira or 500 lira the pair coffe table 75 lira nest of 3 tables 75 lira 3 seater 2 seater 2 arm chairs in gold 400 lira set collect from koycegiz thank you if a moderator could put adds toegether thank you
  6. Spurs

    Leather jackets

    Hi, I was told some years back that Izmir is famous for leather, firstly is that true? I have been to Izmir quite a few times, the wife shops & I follow. Before leaving Turkey I am going to treat myself to a leather jacket..........is it worth hitting Izmir or would I be just aswell to hit the...
  7. altinkum kev

    Leather suite

    Where if anywhere can i buy a decent proper leather 3 piece suite as you would find in UK apart from Ikea ,willing to drive up to 2 hours away from Altinkum.
  8. B

    Black/Purple leather sofa wanted

    If you have a sofa of this description for sale - please email me. Thanks Beth
  9. T

    2 Leather Settees for sale

    FOR SALE 2 Yellow Leather settees with Teak Trimmings English Furniture for sale -a 2 seater & 3 seater- in Dalyan. 150 TL. ONO. If interested Pm me.
  10. E

    Cleaning tile grout and leather sofa

    Hi i have just got a new house and the white tile grout is grey\black does anyone know how to get it back white. I also have a black leather sofa and some of the colour has wiped away and needs a clean, ı used so much stuff when i was in the uk and now can find anything here or a place that will...
  11. G

    Leather jacket

    Hi I am looking to have a leather jacket made while we are in Gulluk can anyone recommend anywhere either in Bodrum or Milas. Regards Gloria
  12. yalimart

    happy birthday to mirraz, anthony leather and others

    happy birthday to you all martin
  13. C

    Leather Chesterfield for sale

    Anyone interested.Dark green leather 3 piece chesterfield suite 3 seater settee,2 club chairs and footstool.Brought over from England. Imaculate condition cost over 2,000 pounds asking 2 milyar
  14. P

    Save thousands on a new leather sofa!

    OK, this is more of a warning than a money saving tip. We bought our leather sofa from Land of Leather and intended to pay for it outright, however at the time we cant remember if we chose to or was pressured into taking out 'nothing to pay for a year' offer. Anyhow, we intended to pay well...
  15. C

    Best place to buy a leather corner sofa?

    Hi We are hoping to furnish our villa in Yalikavak at the beginning of May. We have seen our ideal leather corner sofa in IKEA in the UK but the new IKEA in Izmir (which opens in April and would deliver) does not stock this particular one. Could anyone advise where we could find good quality...
  16. murdo

    leather suites

    Have any of you got these in Turkey. We have these at home and like the ease of cleaning and their ability to stand up to the kids! Are they expensive in Turkey and do they make you feel sweaty in the heat?
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