1. N

    Leasehold property in Turkey

    Hi,im in abit of a pickle,i have an apart in Turkey,no tapu as it is a 99 year lease,i have power of attorney and ipoteck etc.The company is selling up and want me to sell my apart or transfer it to Turkish persons name,i know i can do poa from the uk for someone to sell it for me but im not...
  2. F

    Leasehold Transfer

    Hi, sorry to post this again, I know that it was read by 40 people but I did not get any replies. Does any one please know the answer to this, it would vbe really helpful. The company selling the leashold is the well known one in Turg! the property we have in Turgutreis is currently on a...
  3. F

    transferring from leasehold

    leasehold transfer Hi, the property we have in Turgutreis is currently on a leasehold agreement and we are now wanting to transfer this property into our company. We went to the Belidye to get the 'Raich Bedel' as this shows the new tapu price of 45,000ytl, however the accountant of the...
  4. Pennie

    Freehold or leasehold

    Hi, can someone help? Was talking to some friends yesterday who have been living here four years. They told me they were advised not to buy on a sitesi as they are leasehold properties not freehold. Is this right as we are thinking of selling our house which is freehold and moving possibly onto...
  5. B

    Leasehold Property

    Please forgive my ignorance, but what is a Leasehold property and how would you know you had bought one? Mel. (Beachhhhhhh)
  6. D

    Kalkan Property - Freehold or Leasehold?

    We have placed a deposit on an apartment in Kalkan and are not sure from our contract if the property is freehold. We understood that most properties in Turkey are freehold, but have now some doubts. If it is leasehold, is it correct that the owner of the land has first refusal on the resale? We...
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