1. J

    Car in Ankara... Buy or lease?

    Hi, I'm trying to work out the rules... I'll be working in Ankara for 4 years, with a residency permit that I believe gets renewed every year. The company I work for has arranged deals with a major brand leasing agency, and I can get a new car that's maintained, insured, Tyres swapped in...
  2. O

    Lease Hire Cars

    My friend has asked me if anyone knows where we can find out more information about this in Turkey. Thanks in advance.
  3. C

    Selling Property with shared ownership?

    I wish to sell my ground floor property, which is in a block of 16 apartments. I have recently discovered that I only have 50% share of the lease, apparently, I share the lease with the property above mine. I have been told that Turkish Banks will not give mortgages to properties with a shared...
  4. T

    Looking for a flat

    I am looking to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom lake front flat or something with a nice view of the lake in town. Forgot to add unfurnished! If anyone knows of something, would appreciate the info. Private party preferred. Thanks in advance.
  5. J

    bar lease

    any restaurant bar for lease in kusadasi
  6. T

    Turgutreis Villa Available For Lease

    Villa for lease in Turgutreis w/ pool and view to marina. Available right now 8/2/2011 thru February 2012.
  7. M

    CAFE-BAR FOR SALE (lease) - Altinkum

    Quite a large place this. Nice big natural garden frontage with many tables outdoors as well as inside large area. Kitchen, bar area, covered verandah area and of course the nice big garden. This could be made suitable for a childrens play area if you wanted, we just keep tables and chairs...
  8. The Foxes Glove

    Lease Agreement - Help!

    We need to get our Lease Agreement certified by a Public Notary. Can anyone tell me does the Agreement have to be signed in front of the Public Notary by both ourselves and our landlord or, can we take our already signed agreement ourselves and get it certified without out landlord having to be...
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