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    Turkish Language Learners Test-7

    Complete the Turkish sentences 1) I was ill yesterday -------> Ben ... ......... 2) Was she unhappy ? ----> O ..... ..... ? 3) They weren't successful ---> Onlar ........ .......... 4) The method was not new ---> Yöntem .... .......
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    Turkish Language Learners Test-6

    Write the correct form of "time expressions" below : 11 : 30 ---> Saat onbir b.... 10:50 ---> Saat onbir. .. v.. 17: 15 ---> Saat be.. çey... geç.... 20 : 32 ---> Saat yi... ot.. i..
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    Turkish Language Learners Test-5

    Complete the sentences with appropriate words or suffixes. 1. Yarın sen. görme.. gel…… ---> I will come to see you tomorrow. 2. O ülke.. vize… git……. ----> You can´t go to that country without a visa. 3. Dil …….. için kulla….. ----> Language is...
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    Turkish Language Learners Test-4

    Translate the following sentences into Turkish 1. I have two cats. 2. Do you have children ? 3. Ahmet has a lot of French friends. 4. We don´t have a class on monday. 5. My father has a very big summer house. 6. We don´t have time now. 7. Do you have a few minutes ?
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    Turkish Language Learners Test-3

    Complete the missing parts in the sentences below 1) Otobü.. nere... bin........ ? ---> [From] Where can I get the bus ? 2) Ne zam... haz.. ol.. ? ---> When will it be ready ? 3) Bir bu... saat iç.... ---> In one and half hour 4) Ev... bura.. yakın .. ? ---> Is your house near [to...
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    Turkish Language Learners Test-2

    Hope you may find this one easier. Good luck. Complete the blanks in the sentences below: 1) Ne za... gel... istiyorsun ? ---> When do you want to come ? 2) Sabah erke.... ---> Early in the morning 3) Öğle... son.. buluş.... .. ? ---> Shall we meet in the afternoon ? 4)...
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    Turkish Language Learners Test-1

    Complete the blanks in the sentences below. 1) Yak..... on y..... ev..... We have been married for nearly 10 years. 2) İki yıl s.... okul. bi...... ol...... In 2 years I will have finished the school. 3) B... sor...... sa.. yardım ed..... If you had asked me I would have...
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    Turkish Learners Class website

    Does anyone use this site and if they do what do they think to it? I mean has it been useful? I have recently been looking at the site, but it seems very cliquey, so it puts me off joining. I don't think it is moderated very well, but waiting to hear any comments. thanks :roundgrin
  9. shirleyanntr

    5th basic for new learners

    basic 5 is about question words. we all need to ask for something or somewhere or someone at some time or another. So here are a few question words...and some endings to use with them. Some of them you will know and some of you who are really starting off might find it a bit hard..but keep at...
  10. shirleyanntr

    4th basic for new learners

    well after kicking off these basic bits and pieces with some grammar lets relax a bit with some everyday words. we've done ABC..now look at some numbers..and ways to use them Turkish children love to show you how they can count to 10 in english. So lets show them we can do it in Turkish :wink...
  11. shirleyanntr

    3rd for new learners.

    basic 3 this is about THE...in fact there is no THE in Turkish İn english THE is called the definite article A or AN are indefinite articles. İn turkish the definite article is a suffix or ending which is used in a sentence and shows the object of the sentence...making it the direct object...
  12. shirleyanntr

    1st words for new learners.

    This is for those who are just starting to learn Turkish and are daunted by what seems an impossible language to get to grips with. if you want to learn just for holidays then all you need is a good phrase book. if you intend living in Turkey or spending a lot of time here then you have to...
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