1. J

    Premier League

    Hi all, just arrived back in Turkey and I see That the channel that was showing Premier League football has vanished from Digiturk (S Sport). I did a installation with the channels again and still didn't come back.Have I missed something?
  2. paddington bear

    Premier League

    Has Digiturk stopped showing premier league football does anyone know please. Sue
  3. B

    Premier League.

    BBC News - Was football better before the Premier League? This is a good question, and there will be many opinions, but I do think that there is too much money knocking about in the Premier League. The ordinary working man/woman is being priced out of the...
  4. pepperkat

    Premier League predictions

    With the new season rapidly approaching, what predictions do you have for the Premier League season 2014/2015? 1 Man City. 2 Liverpool. 3 Arsenal. 4 Chelsea. 5 Everton.
  5. abba

    Real Madrid wins Champions League

    Congratulations to Real Madrid. Great game but felt so sorry for Athletico not to have held on for another two minutes.
  6. Gamuret

    English Defence League

    Do members believe that anybody that belongs to this organisation should be permitted to enter Turkey,own a property in the country and even have a residence visa? In the UK there is an "Undesirable Register" to prevent those likely to cause a problem from entering the country. Does Turkey...
  7. S

    League Cup Final

    Cant see anything other than a convincing City win
  8. G

    Premier league commentary

    From the start of this season Premier League has been shown on Digiturk with Turkish commentary. With the help of TLF members I set up Expat Shield so I could get the commentary on BBC sport. Now there is a time delay between the two, of 2-3 minutes. Can anyone suggest another way of getting the...
  9. Yalides

    Rugby league

    Who is going to win the Challenge cup today ? Reckon Wigan will win comfortably but will be supporting Hull along with Tigerbetty.
  10. paddington bear

    Premier league on digiturk

    The premier league channel on digiturk seems to have disappeared, has anyone else had this problem? I have been trying to ring digiturk about this problem but am unable to get through. Sue
  11. L

    TLF Fantasy league

    Isn't anyone going to start the TLF Fantasy League,I know Yogi done it for a few years,very well I might add but haven't seen anyone prepared to do it this season.Come on Yogi where are you.
  12. L

    Premier League

    Is it possible to get English tv channels that will show Premier League in Turkey, and how do I get them? I know they show PL on one of the Lig Tv channels (at least they did last season), but I'd like to have English commentators during the matches;)
  13. John O' Dreams

    Rugby League

    Well, it's started at last - the new Super League season. Just about to watch Leeds vs Hull on telly. Great stuff. Proper man's game. I believe the toffs who play the other code have something going on tomorrow as well.
  14. djmagic

    premier league

    the premier league channel 86 on digiturk is now finished. they have said that they will broadcast premier league tv on their ligtv 3 channel 79 ( I think). problem is where will the original match that was to be on ligtv 3 be shown or is it a case that digiturk has shafted us again..??
  15. P

    TLF Fantasy league.

    I have been having all sorts of problems logging in over the last few weeks,anyone else?
  16. P

    TLF Fantasy League.

    With the Premiership starting in a few weeks will there be another TLF Fan league.I haven't seen Yogi on for a while,anyone know what's happening?
  17. suzyq

    Kofi Annan quits as UN-Arab League envoy

    The UN-Arab League joint special envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan has announced he is leaving his post. In a news conference, he said the Syrian people "desperately need action" but criticised the UN Security Council for "finger-pointing and name-calling". Mr Annan authored a six-point peace plan...
  18. A

    UN and Arab league step back in Syria

    Arab summit will not urge Assad to quit: Nabil al-Arabi The Arab League, which is holding its annual summit in Iraq this week, will not call for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to resign, the group's secretary general said in comments published on Sunday, AFP announced. Nabil al-Arabi told...
  19. P

    Fantasy League problem?

    Although I can get to the fantasy league home page I can't log,it's comes up as unsafe,in anyone else have a problem.
  20. S

    tonights champions league

    City game should be a cracker- predictions?
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