1. juco

    Anti-Islamist Leads Polls in Netherlands

    This should be interesting, The EU will be livid if he pulls it off. Same haircut as Trump that's a good omen. Geert Wilders debate in the Dutch parliament, September 21 2016 - YouTube
  2. N

    mxpro box using red yellow white leads

    Hi all i have a 42 tv it does not have hdmi socket so i connect my box via red yellow and white leads straight from box to tv trouble is picture allways appears more to the right of the screen and not dead centre when i connect to my other tv via hdmi lead picture stays in the middle any...
  3. suzyq

    Turkish Lira leads the way in emerging currency devaluation

    The beleaguered Turkish Lira has become the most fragile currency after the Fed signaled that the lower liquidity environment is coming earlier than expected. The United States’ Federal Reserve (FED) will cut its bond-buying program as part of plans to end a program that served to support its...
  4. bickern

    Partner Abuse leads to death

    When a man beats a woman and she retaliates and harms/kills him a great deal of sympathy is given to her and many groups are vocal in support. Many women also receive a lenient sentence, so it will be interesting to find out how much support this guy gets and how the media will report it...
  5. suzyq

    Lack of cancer medicine leads to black market

    Worrying situation. Cancer drugs are starting to find their way onto Turkey’s black market, amid a growing conflict between drug firms and the Health Ministry over pricing policies. Cancer drugs that normally cost 52 Turkish Liras can fetch 900 liras in the oncology units of hospitals, daily...
  6. teosgirl

    CHP head leads international smear campaign

    POLITICS - CHP head accused of int’l smear campaign According to the PM: “We will struggle against this black propaganda. We will tell the whole world over and over again that not journalists and writers but people who plotted a military coup and engaged in terrorist activities are in jail,”...
  7. ceemac

    Property hotspot Turkey leads the way

    Turkey is revealing itself as a popular alternative amongst property investors disillusioned with the European market. Turkey was amongst the standout countries at the recent MIPIM trade show in Cannes and is at the forefront of the real estate sector recovery leaving neighbouring countries in...
  8. ceemac

    Leads Everywhere!

    Is it only me or do any of you have dozens of bloody telephone chargers and electrical leads all over your house. Every drawer or cupboard I go into has a USB cable, or an old phone charger or other leads in it. There's bound to be some way of recycling them... C
  9. rosewall1

    extention leads from England

    extension leads from England When we moved out here we shipped some of our furniture over including some electrical goods. One of the most useful things we had was an extension lead with a multiple English socket on one end. changed the plug end for a Turkish two pin plug and saved ourselves a...
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