1. bickern

    Where will all this lead to?

    I am posting this because of the statement "But outraged Year Nine parents were 'furious' and said there was no place for the 1970s humour 'in this day and age'." Hmm, hello, yes there is, I am not racist, I just have a sense of humour. The two Ronnies didnt have a racist or whatever bone in...
  2. photolegion

    Professional actor is required for the lead role in Alanya

    We are looking for a professional English-speaking actor for the lead role in a short feature film. Sex - male. Age - 70-75 years old. Medium height or tall person. Lean, slim. Face type - Anglo-Saxon. Beautiful bones of a face. Clear-eyed gaze. Key character traits - humbleness and dignity...
  3. juco

    Where does this road lead?

    And I quote.... I cant help but read/think ...`all roads lead to Germany` meaning the EU and thats who will eventually control us.
  4. Firefox

    Lipsticks Full of Lead

    Five L'Oreal and Maybelline lipsticks, owned by L'Oreal USA, ranked among the top 10 most contaminated brands containing concentration of lead at 7.19 parts per million. "Recognizing that there is no safe level of lead exposure, we need to be protecting women and children from all levels of...
  5. T

    cost of honda (beat lead) scooter

    Does anyone know the approx price for a new honda (beat lead) just to give me an idea and is there a supplier in altinkum Thanks in anticipation Tony
  6. giglets

    All Roads Lead to Turkey

    Crises first in Tunisia and then in Egypt have further reinforced the perception in the eyes of the West that Turkey is an attractive and unprecedented model for the Middle East. The comments made in the West underline the components of the Turkish model, such as membership in Western...
  7. shirleyanntr

    All roads lead to Datça

    İf you are within reach of Datça this weekend get yourself over. As many of you know Kaplumba's (Jane) son and friend have been cycling across Europe for the last few weeks in aid of Prostate Cancer and will arrive in Datça Peninsula at the weekend. TRT Turkish television will be there to...
  8. A

    lead flashing

    Does anyone know where I can find some lead flashing?
  9. VWBug

    Istanbul – all roads lead to color and mystery

    Turkish Daily News What can one say about this huge but captivating city? People have written books for centuries describing it and all it contains. Magnificent St. Sophia Museum and Sultan Ahmed Mosque across from it. Ancient obelisks from Egypt where once the Byzantines held horse races...
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