1. B

    Buying 40"-42" LCD Television?

    We would like to replace our very old television with a new 40"-42" LCD Flat Screen when we come out to Akbuk, Turkey in September. We are (of course) in the Didim/Altinkum area. Which TV would you recommend and roughly the cost? (An English instruction manual would be nice, if that is possible)...
  2. T

    Lcd tv

    Hi all, looking to upgrade my tv as it's becoming an antique and is almost as big as the bed! Anyone know the rough price of say a 32' LCD flat screen, presuming they have come down a lot in price over the last few years! Thanks.
  3. Y

    Any uptodate advice on choosing LCD TV

    Fed up with losing either side of the new wide screen TV programs I have decided to buy a widescreen TV myself! I have to be careful choosing a TV as I have photosensitive epilepsy. Have checked this out on the internet and they recommend for people with this problem LCD (not LED or plasma)...
  4. M

    For sale lcd

    For sale LCD Arçelik tv 32'' due to relocatıon 500 tl ono 05369363403

    Plasma,lcd or led tv

    This week end I am off to buy a new HD TV but I am totally flummoxed as to what to get. Being a man of leisure or some might say a lay a bout I want a decent sized screen, 55 inch plus to sooth me through the long winter evenings. In addition a few HDMI slots and a good picture is a must. So...
  6. W

    price of lcd tv in turkey

    could some one please let me know of any good offers they may have seen on 32" lcd tvs in altinkum or migros,arcelic etc etc thanks Adam
  7. alba

    Lcd tv

    Hi, Would like to bring out with us a LCD TV on our next trip. Can anyone advise the best way of doing this? Alba
  8. D


    I was wondering if members know of cheap deals going around the Bodrum area for 32in LCD screens, only i have a scooter and with my luck it will start to rain before i go back, and would save me a awful lot of riding around. I know their were deals in Migros and Metro but they have finished. If...
  9. immac

    LCD TV Advice

    Question to anyone who has bought a LCD TV recently in Turkey: which is best & which to avoid? I need to upgrade and am looking for something 32" or above. I don´t really want to spend more than 2000TL. I have access to Which? website in UK, that shows me some to avoid, but home-grown TVs...
  10. L

    Buying a reasonable priced LCD near Altinkum

    We are hoping to buy an LCD for the newly purchased apartment when we go in 3 weeks time. I hear that the prices are quite high though. Has anyone got any tips on purchasing a reasonably priced 32inch LCD please. In or around Altinkum. Thanks!
  11. A

    LCD tv

    We are out in Dalaman this weekend 19th June,can anyone recommend the cheapest place to buy a tv?:thanks:
  12. A

    LCD TV 32in - PHILLIPS

    I have a 32in LCD Phillips tv still for sale in perfect working order. Black surround. 600ytl ono now. Delivery possible.
  13. A


    Black LCD TV for sale, excellent condition, remote control, 3 years old. Works perfectly only for sale due to buying larger tv. 650tl ono. Will deliver Akbuk/Altinkum area.
  14. Lindy

    Looking for an FLat Screen LCD TV

    I'm looking for a good deal on a LCD TV - min 28 max 32 inch. Have checked Migros and Carrefour etc. who have had good offers in the past but there doesnt seem to be too much choice at the moment. If anyone sees any good offers I would be gratful if you could let me know. I would also be willing...
  15. james1873

    Large lcd tv

    I was in Migros in Altinkum in May and was very impressed with the TVs. It looked like you could pick up a Samsung 42inch for £700 approx. Does anybody know of anybody that would wall mount one of these TVs or if there are better deals to be had elsewhere in the Altinkum area.
  16. S

    Philips 42in LCD Flatscreen for sale

    Have a 5 month old Phillips 42 in LCD flat screen TV for sale. Cost 2,879 YTL new. Anybody interested in a bargain at 1,500 YTL and will include glass TV stand in the price. Located in Bodrum available end next week. Model is Philips 42 PFL 7332 LCD TV.
  17. C

    Taking LCD TV into Turkey

    Apologies if this question has been asked and answered before, but can someone tell me what duty would be paid if a TV was brought into Turkey? I was actually thinking of taking a 15'' LCD in as hand luggage (I doubt it would make it ok if I put it in a suitcase) but if I am going to have to...
  18. lottie8888

    LCD (Flat screen) Monitors

    Can anyone give me an idea of how much a LCD screen monitor would cost Im looking for about 6 of them but not really sure on the prices :crazy: Any help would be much appriciated :blowkiss: By the way Im in the Bodrum area Thanks
  19. P

    bringing lcd tv over

    hi everyone, i'm new to the forum just finding my feet, i've bought an apt in konacik and would like to bring a 22in lcd tv over does anyone foresee any probs with customs or anything,i believe you are aloud 1tv? thanx for any info
  20. F

    LCD TV with DVD

    We're out at the end of next week and I've been thinking of getting a 19/20'' LCD with a built in DVD player for our bedroom. Question is, would it be cheaper to get one when we are out here? I can get one for £220 delivered here in the UK, so would be grateful if anyone could tell me what the...
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