1. L

    Hello from lazy new member

    Hi, I was introduced to the forum by gypsybabe some time ago so sorry it's taken so long to introduce myself. I'm retired and living on the Aegean coast 2 hours north of Izmir, with Turkish hubby and a cute cocker spaniel, who bites strangers if she decides she's scared of them. Every now and...
  2. yalimart

    Lazy Benefit Scroungers

    Are the government right to cap certain benefits ? why should my tax be used to fund peoples feckless lives staying in bed until the pubs open or Jeremy kyle comes on ? or are we targetting the wrong people ? Martin
  3. willip

    Lazy strikers

    I drove past a couple of lazy arse strikers on Wednesday, I shouted "get back to work and do your job properly" at them...I couldn't make out what Torres said but Andy Carroll told me to piss off.
  4. B

    lazy cow foods

    Was wondering if anyone has ever ordered food from this company while in yaliakavak and if it is good quality was thinking of trying it when im over for lazy nights in :hungry:
  5. I

    Lazy New Member

    Hi everbody, Just a short note to say hello to everyone on TLF and introduce ourselfs, Ian, wife Helen we live in sunny Dundee,we have been holidaying in Altinkum for a couple of years, and glad we have found the forum and enjoy reading the good and the bad things in Turkey,plan to retire out...
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