1. ZiaCa'

    New Security Layout - DLM

    The security scanners that were located at the entrance of departure gates have been moved to the area before passport control. This means that liquids over 100ml will now be removed before you pass into departure area (so no sneaking in our own bottle of water to save paying 5.75tl for one in...
  2. Peaceplant

    Is there a problem with the forum layout?

    Keep getting all the posts in a scroll bar window at the top of my page and it is practically impossible to follow a thread. Was doing it 2 days ago then was ok yesterday and this am - now it's gone awry again. Is it me or a forum glitch? :dooh:
  3. peter the postie

    Layout of the new marina... looks fab!!!
  4. gipsybabe

    Help re layout I view

    Hi Can anyone help: Since yesterday if I click on a thread I want to view, it only shows the current posting and not page 1 onwards. At the top of the posting is one of those drop dowm lists where I have to click on each reply to view. Have I done this by mistake and is there anyway I can see...
  5. merlin

    Turkish Keyboard Layout....

    Ive been meaning to explain how to add the Turkish keyboard to your computer running Windows and how to utilize this new keyboard layout - specially useful for anyone practising their Turkish skills. There are six letters in the Turkish alphabet that are not in the English alphabet. For...
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