1. RedBloodedHound

    Public Interest Lawyers Closed.

    Last three paragraphs: Iraq War: Public Interest Lawyers closes down - BBC News
  2. PASH

    Lawyers fee's to transfer Tapu

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience using a lawyer to aid the sale of a property. Basically to oversee the transfer of Tapu and money. If so, what should i expect to pay for this service. Do i need a lawyer as we will be there in person? Any advice would be gratefully recieved.
  3. M

    Estate agents and lawyers

    Hi what agents to trust and do I need lawyer to buy a villa in Dalyan
  4. Spurs

    Three women lawyers.

    A friend has contacted me from Turkey looking for advice. Three female Turkish lawyers are planning a UK visit on the 18th July, they have no idea where they should stay. They would not mind traveling into London from their accommodation but obviously they do not want to be too far away. Any...
  5. M

    Lawyers in Mahmutlar

    Hi Does anybody know of a lawyer in Mahmutlar, or has an office in Mahmutlar,or are they all in Alanya? Thanks
  6. A

    A Sad but True Story About Lawyers

    In 2007 we decided to sell our share in a charter business including the asset of an 18 meter Gullet. The business was a Turkish company with a Turkish shareholder and MD We advertised on Ebay and found a UK purchaser who came to inspect the boat. He spent 3 hours with the company accountant...
  7. C

    Bodrum lawyers

    Anyone had any recent experience with using a Bodrum lawyer by the name of Fatih Erkol? Need a little guidance! Thanks in advance.
  8. L

    Real Estate Lawyers

    Hello, Can anyone out there reccomend any Real estate Lawyers in Akbuk/Didim area. thank you, Lindo
  9. suzyq

    Family forced out of dream home after lawyers run off with their £400,000 live saving

    After finding their dream home, Gary Humphris and his family were delighted when their £400,000 cash offer was accepted. They moved into the four-bedroom property – complete with sauna, swimming pool and games room – straight away, and Mr Humphris set about spending the remaining £70,000 of...
  10. C

    Lawyers charges

    has anyone heard of a lawyer making this chargeing structure to his client buying a house in fethiye for 75.000 pounds Our charge for a legal operation like this is normarlly 1,5% of the total amount of the money on the contract when the sale price is less then 100.000 GBP as you know i...
  11. T

    Lawyers Fees!!!!!

    Hi, many of us (fortunately) not all , have had to take Turkish legal path.... to obtain a property that we have already paid in full for. There are several members who have posted that they have already been to court & lost, & many more who are still going through the process. Can I ask if...
  12. Yalides

    Lawyers in Bodrum area

    Can anyone recommend a good Lawyer in the Bodrum area ? The one I have at the moment is less than inspiring. Thanks.
  13. 1

    Invoices from lawyers........

    Hi all, I am new to all this but am in need of some advice. I have started legal proceedings to get my tapu (which I have been waiting for since 2006!!!) I have given power of attorney to a lawyer, but he will not send me invoices for work done/being done. I have paid an up front fee to...
  14. M

    Lawyers in Alanya

    can anybody recommend an English speaking lawyer in Alanya that can help with tapu/developer issues. E mail address and/or website would be helpful. Regards
  15. R

    Rates, and Recommendations for Good Lawyers

    Hi I've got several questions related to lawyers, and would appreciate an answer: 1. Does anyone recommend any good lawyers in Istanbul? 2. What is the average hourly consulting rate for a good lawyer in Istanbul? (You can use your own personal experience of working with what you thought...
  16. bobthenob

    Why Do We Need Lawyers

    Over the years reading about legal issues and the nightmarish experiences the buyers have to go through to get the right proper justice they need to gain a victory over the criminal seems to me just another form of planning to con the victim. A lawyer takes a case on only when the money is...
  17. J


    I was the victim of a property scam in fethiye. In 3 years I never received any documents/paperwork or case number from my lawyer. Through the forum I have been able to find a court case number. What I want to know is, can I terminate my lawyers services for the apartment case even though she is...
  18. scotssteve

    Turkish Lawyers Altinkum - Do you know?

    Evening all, We have been recommended to use a Turkish lawyer by the name of Nesrin Basaran SANDALCI Have any of you used this lady? It is essential that our lawyer both speaks good english and can produce certified translations for our records. as always your help is much appreciated...
  19. P


    Any one used a good lawyer in the Koycegiz area that they could recommend? Phill:dance:
  20. ceemac

    We must keep lawyers away from the Cyprus problem

    Never a truer word was spoken than this title! “THERE could never be a settlement to the Cyprus problem when there are 40,000 Turkish troops in the north and 30,000 Greek Cypriot lawyers in south,” a foreign diplomat, astutely remarked several years ago. Here C
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