1. D

    Jan Jokes '22.

    A Chinese Doctor can't find a job in a Hospital in the US, so he opens his own Clinic and puts a sign outside ;- 'GET TREATMENT FOR $20 - IF NOT CURED GET BACK $100.' An American Lawyer thinks this is a great opportunity to earn $100 and goes to the Clinic. Lawyer: 'I have lost my Sense of...
  2. Tenpin

    Info List of English Speaking Lawyers in Turkey

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Oct Jokes '21

    Apparently this is a true story. Charlotte, North Carolina. A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars then insured them against, among other things, fire. Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile of these great cigars and without yet having made even his first premium...
  4. J

    Looking for a good (trust worth) real estate company, and separate lawyer

    Hello there, i am interested in moving to Ankara, Turkey. I plan on buying property and subsequently apply citizenship for my family (wife + 4 kids) through the citizenship by investment program. can anyone suggest: 1) a real state (trustworthy) company with vast networks in Ankara that can...
  5. Mushtaq

    Turkish Lawyer recommendation

    I have a friend looking for a decent lawyer to handle a problem in Turkey. He has been waiting for payment of a property sale for some time, he has a cheque past it's due date and would like help in getting his money. Any recommendations for a descent lawyer in or around Didim area? I had a...
  6. M

    Need to hire a Turkish Lawyer to file the divorce

    Dear friends I am married to a Turkish citizen and have a child who lives with her mother in Istanbul. She has taken all the advantages like she didn't let me see him or talk to him for years. I have been trying to get solution for the divorce but didn't get any right advise. I tried talking...
  7. bodrumsjh

    Recommended Lawyer - Bodrum

    Hi We have just sold our apartment in Bodrum Centre with somewhat mixed feelings. Slightly sad to sell but looking forward to returning for future holidays. If anyone is looking for a reliable, trustworthy, friendly and English speaking lawyer, I can highly recommend Mehmet Sinop of Sinop Law...
  8. V

    English speaking lawyer

    Hiya. I am new to this bsite and this is my first post! I am looking for an English speaking lawyer in Kusadasi specialising in Property (Sales/Rentals). Any recommendations?!
  9. A

    Any English-speaking lawyer in Alanya?

    Hello, I would like to know if there is any good English-speaking lawyer in Alanya (i.e. good lawyer and good in English). The posts about the subject on this forum are quite old, so that's why I'm asking. I'm planning to have a will written for my property. Thanks
  10. A

    Help getting title deeds - need good lawyer in Altinkum

    hi i need help getting title deeds can anyone give me a name of a good lawyer
  11. PASH

    A Good Lawyer Story

    In what seems like a lifetime, I have eventually come to understand the Turkish legal system. Bit long winded but bear with me. After the usual rogue builder issues that many of us have experienced over the years, we have eventually finalised three of our four cases, some that started back in...
  12. R

    reputable lawyer needed

    Hi. We are coming to turkey this Saturday the 1st of july for a two week break. We are considering buying a retirement property, We have arranged viewings on three properties, Can anyone recommend a lawyer who specialises in property conveyance in ovacik/fethiye area. Thanks. russ/Lynda.
  13. T

    English speaking lawyer recommendation

    Hi, could anyone recommend a reliable English speaking lawyer please. Thanks Tina-Marie
  14. RedBloodedHound

    Lawyer Struck Off

    Lawyer struck off over misconduct - BBC News . All together now.........
  15. C

    How to find a Turkish Lawyer Information

    Hey, I realized that some of forum users having trouble with finding their lawyers current contact info. Also its better to check if he/she is a registered lawyer or not. Check this video to find your lawyers information on
  16. meyavilla


    Hello Could someone please recommend an English speaking lawyer in the bodrum area to make a Will. If you have an email address that would be great Many thanks Tracy
  17. S

    Lawyer Charges For Selling

    Hi All This might be a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' question but can anyone tell me how much we should expect to pay a lawyer when selling our apartment. We're hoping to find a buyer soon, having reduced the asking price to a pittance. The POA/notarisation etc has all been done...
  18. C

    Fantastic Lawyer

    :mmph:Some time ago 2013 I approached this site to ask advice. My sons father and step mother owned apartment in Yalikavak. Sadly my ex husband died 2012 and his wife decided his son should not inherit anything from him. I asked how I could legally get my sons portion of his dads property...
  19. K


    We are looking for a no nonsense lawyer to take up our case against an owner who has not paid any fees for 4 years! the lawyer we have used so far has achieved nothing so need somebody who will move this to a court room ASAP. We have a legal association with decision books covering the none...
  20. TurkInDenmark

    URGENT: English speaking lawyer, military!

    This morning I got woked up by two men in police uniforms, saying I needed to go see the military. I have just found out that I'm half Turkish citizen, and now they apparently also found out, and wants to see if they can get my ass in to the milli. I speak Turkish, but not well enough to defend...
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