1. S

    New Laws for buying & selling 2019

    Taken from Voices newspaper this morning.... A CHANGE has been announced by the government over foreigners buying and selling property in Turkey. The change to the law was brought in at the weekend. Before the law change, foreigners could buy and well properties using their tax cards. Now the...
  2. S

    Stray animal laws

    Abandoning pets will be punished: Minister ANKARA Abandoning pets will be punished: Minister A new law on animal rights will ban the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops and bring punishments for those who abandon their pets on the streets, a minister has said. “In order to prevent an increase in...
  3. mollag

    Primitive Laws ?

    Try this application of primitive law on the IOM, no one but the defendants girlfriend complained about this! shocking! [He will also get a foot up the ar5e when they eventually put him on the ferry home] :dance: WATCH: Visitor jailed for 20 weeks - 3FM Isle of Man
  4. M

    new rental laws

    Every year my friend stays in our apartment over the school holidays, she cleans it and does whats necessary as we can not go anymore my partner has parkinsons and cannot climb steps he is totally wheelchair bound now. Ive been told that if she is found in the apartment there is a possibility...
  5. M

    New Rental Regulations in Turkey

    I wonder if anyone has any information regarding the new rental regulations. I am led to believe a non Turkish citizen has to set up ltd company to rent their house and be termed a pension. this seems to incur large fees etc ?
  6. kemerkid

    New traffic laws in Turkey,

    All you hot-shot drivers here in Turkey have one more rule to deal with. As of this morning the driving laws have been ammended, if you are caught driving in a dangerous manner or exceed the speed limit you could now face a fine of up to 2750TL and a 3 mounth ban. Stay safe, drive carefully.
  7. immac

    New Employment Laws (Draft)

    From Voices: Extract: "According to the draft bill, foreigners who have long-term residence permits or legal work permits of at least eight years will be able to apply for permanent work permits. Work permits or exemptions for work permits will also be effective as a residence permit. In the...
  8. Mushtaq

    EU-Turkey visa deal on brink as Erdoğan refuses to change terror laws

    Refugee pact appears in danger of falling apart as Turkish president tells Europe: ‘We’ll go our way, you go yours’ A visa-free travel deal between the EU and Turkey was on the brink of collapse on Friday night, after Turkey’s president insisted he would not change his country’s anti-terrorism...
  9. Yalides

    Blasphemy laws

    Eight years or so since the blasphemy laws were sensibly abolished in UK. Wonder how long it will be before they are back.....
  10. S

    New laws regarding sale of 2nd property?

    Hi all, hoping that someone will be able to help, I've been told by our emlak that there is a new law in Turkey that if you own two or more properties in Turkey that you need to get permissions off the government to sell any one of them? I can't really believe this but........... If anyone can...
  11. eshek

    A just sultan makes good out of bad laws

    Guess who the SULTAN is - A just sultan makes good out of bad laws: Erdo?an - POLITICS
  12. T

    UK Gaming Laws & the EU!

    I'm sick to death of the never ending adverts on TV/social media pages encouraging people to play poker, bingo etc etc. Why are they allowed to advertise, what happened to the UK's strict gaming Laws? Answer the bl&&dy EU did, they want a part of Everything & of course if more place bets, then...
  13. T

    laws when you sell last property in a company.

    Just checking what are the rules if you are in a company and the last property in company is sold . I heard that there is a 15% with-holding tax to be paid , plus the winding up costs of the company. If there is with-holding tax and you owe no tax , do you get it back later.
  14. G

    Redevelopment due to earthquake laws

    Hi, I hope someone who has actually been through this process recently can help me. I live in Istanbul in an apartment in a building that is about 30 years old. I own my apartment. Taking advantage of changes made a few years ago, a 2/3 majority of homeowners in my building voted to have our...
  15. T

    Strange laws around the globe

    Some of these are funny - do you know any other funny laws? Reasons to be deported: Tattoos, drinking, swearing and carrying a guitar are just a few - AOL Travel UK

    New Residency Laws come into force as of 11th April.

    BREAKING NEWS..RESIDENCE PERMITS ALL CHANGE FROM FRIDAY 11TH APRIL................................................................................ Residency permits to be reduced to 50TL Single page permit card to come into force. (The below has been released from the Turkish government's news...
  17. S

    New Turkish company laws 2014

    Our accountant has just told us we have until Feb 14th to have new paperwork prepared in line with new company laws in Turkey at a cost of 2000tl, has anyone else with a company been told this? Also, when we set up our company we did so with the basic 5000tl in it, now despite it owning our...
  18. Yalides

    The International Council of Man Laws.

    1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her Blouse. (c) After wrecking your boss's car. (d) When she is...
  19. suzyq

    New laws - Iskan

    RESIDENTS in Didim who have discovered they have no certificate of habitation (Iskan) on their properties due to builders’ debts could be about to benefit from law changes. Under prior laws, an Iskan was not given out if there were outstanding debts - tax, government insurance, council bills...
  20. S

    Laws in Turkey changing 30/09?

    Hubby and I were out today speaking to a Turkish friend and politics etc came into the conversation, he told us that all of the laws/rules in Turkey were being changed on the 30/09 this year to come in line with policies from the EU, has anyone out there heard anything about this? Whatever they...
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