1. Kalkan regular

    Condominium law

    We are on a small development of apartments. We have had the same management company for many years. We had our first condominium meeting last year and 89% voted to keep the same management company (the remaining 11% didn't attend and didn't give a proxy vote). One of the people who didn't...
  2. E

    new law that carries big fines from offices to apartments with concierge,

    A new law that is being sneaked in that carries fines for business owners to apartment caretakers . latest regulation in the Occupational Health ad Safety Law as of july 1 2020. I only put it on because will big complex fall under this...
  3. SonnyJim

    Condominium Law

    Hiya, Does anyone have a link to the full Turkish Condominium law in English? Thanks in advance!
  4. Z

    Lawyer/ client contract terms

    Hi everyone, I am about to hire a lawyer in Istanbul and give POA to him to carry an inheritance case on my behalf ( I am not in the country). But I want to know what to keep in mind and be aware of when signing the agreement. One thing I am worried about is if I need to terminate his service...
  5. A

    Condominium Law Apartment Block 6

    Our apartment is one of 6 only. I have recently got our Yon Planı, the management plan that the builder registers with Tapu office. Can anybody advise if the Turkish Condominium Law can be applied to apartment block of 6, as well. I cannot see why it would not, but have read conflicting...
  6. A

    management plan or condo law

    Hello Condo law states that owners must receive registered invitation to owner meeting at least 15 days before the date. I have looked at the management plan that was lodge when the build took place about 8 years ago and it states that only 10 days notification is required. Which is correct??
  7. C

    Identity declaration law

    Hi all, A little advise needed please. I have an apartment in the Dalaman region and whilst I don’t rent the property out, on a few occasions over the years my parents have visited a couple of times, once whilst I have also been out and once on their own. Could I ask for some clarity as to...
  8. bickern

    New military service law

    The Turkish parliament on June 25 ratified a new military service law cutting the military service period in half. A total of 335 lawmakers approved the law in the 600-seat parliament, 17 lawmakers voted against it, and two lawmakers abstained. The new law reduces the...
  9. Tenpin

    Question Turkish Inheritance Law

    Just a simple question, but maybe various opinions. Are motor vehicles included in the inheritance law when it comes to distribution after death?
  10. M

    Trying to decline property inheritance

    My brother was a Turkish resident and died leaving a Turkish will. However, my mother (and I ?)will inherit a reserved portion under the Turkish law. We live in the UK and do not want this, but to refuse it we are being asked to send apostilled documents which is going to cost about £500...
  11. D

    Customs law leaving a motorbike in Turkey

    I am riding from the UK to Turkey then staying with a friend for a few days in Turkey and then flying home and leaving my bike with my friend to continue my trip in the spring. Is it possible to leave the country without my bike and return later?
  12. Camden

    Éire Medieval Abortion Law

    I hope this medieval abortion amendment is repealed stopping the need for 168,705 Irish women who have had to go abroad to take ownership of there own body and not the State ... The referendum will be held on May 25 to repeal this archaic law, hard to believe this still goes on in a modern...
  13. IbrahimAbi

    This law is frightening

    Whatever your views on local politics, the idea of this intended law is frightening. Extract from Hurriyet article. 'However, to punish Turkey, Congress is currently working on the Magnitsky Act, which allows the U.S. government to sanction foreign government officials implicated in human...
  14. L

    Any idea of costs for setting up Administration to comply with Condominiums Law?

    Hi, our small complex of 12 apartments are hoping to go through the administration procedure to comply with condominium law. Can anyone give me a rough idea how much this should cost us as we have been quoted 500 Euros plus expenses just to set up and I have no idea if this is reasonable? Many...
  15. suzyq

    New Law - Renting to students

    Not sure if anyone on the forum rents to students, but if you do this is the new law. Two students will no longer be able to stay in the same room, in line with the Education Ministry’s new regulation regarding dormitories, state-run Anadolu Agency reported on July 23. The reason for the new...
  16. J

    Turkish Inheritence Law

    Good morning, I am an English woman married to a Turkush man, living in Turkey. We have no children together but I have 1 child living in the UK. I own a house in England and will eventually sell this to enable my husband and myself to buy a house in Turkey to live in. I have 2 questions, 1st...
  17. suzyq

    New Law - Lawsuit Time Period

    Good news The justice system will as of Sept. 1 notify plaintiffs of when their legal cases are due to be concluded at the time of a lawsuit being opened, in an attempt to accelerate judicial proceedings in Turkey. Judiciary to notify plaintiffs of targeted length of judicial proceedings in...
  18. M

    condominium law help please

    our site is being run through a management company. we have since found out that they are not a registered management company and cannot take any legal action over people not paying there maintenance. the site has been running since 2009. there are 42 properties. we do not know what to do as...
  19. bickern

    Selling of cats, dogs at pet shops to be banned across Turkey

    The selling of cats and dogs from pet shops will be banned across Turkey, according to a new regulation from the Forestry and Waters Affairs Ministry. The ministry has prepared a draft law on animals, animal rights and pet shops following a series of meetings with representatives of animal...
  20. bickern

    Muslims claim burka is NOT required under Islamic law

    PROMINENT Muslims have welcomed a proposed burka ban in Switzerland and said the full-faced veil is NOT required under Islamic law. The Swiss parliament recently voted to ban the burka, passing the legislation by a minuscule majority of 88 to 87. But a leading religious leader, Imam Mustafa...
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