1. S

    Laughing stock club

    Rangers: Pedro Caixinha sacked as manager after board meeting - BBC Sport
  2. shirleyanntr

    i cant stop laughing

    i really cant stop laughing about this report..even more so when yusuf asked what was funny and i told him he didnt bat an eye ..not even smile ..hah maybe because he has a samsung galaxy going to see if he has velcro on his shoelaces..or is on medication :animation thank you daily mail...
  3. bickern

    Policeman who became worldwide laughing stock wins £430,000

    It doesn't make me laugh at all. --------------------------------------------- A police officer filmed smashing the windows of a Range Rover in a video clip which became an internet sensation has won more than £400,000 after claiming he was 'ridiculed' out of his job. Former Pc Mike Baillon...
  4. arrian

    Laughing baby video

    lovely video, made me chuckle! Baby's Hysterical Laughter Becomes Web Sensation - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
  5. shirleyanntr

    i cant stop laughing

    ive just read that Katie Waisel (xfactor) is in shock after learning that her 80+ granny is a high class escort girl charging 250 quid an hour.:car:
  6. maggie

    Laughing deals.

    In the present credit crunch dont know if anyone can find use of some of these offers. Hugs Maggie
  7. KKOB

    Bet You Can't Help Laughing Too !

    Just watch the video
  8. Peaceplant

    Decoupage - no laughing

    İ have got it into my head that decoupaging everything in sight will brighten my mood as well as my surroundings :) İ have got some paper designs ready to cut out, İ've painted the surfaces and İ already have some varnish. But İ am not sure which glue to use. Web sites seem to suggest nearly...
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