1. A

    3 bed apartment to rent late July 2018

    Hello everyone I was wondering if you guys can help me, we used to go Sea View2 in Gulluk a few year ago and loved every minute of it, it was such a lovely location and mid point for us as half of us were travelling from UK and the other half from Iran. I can't seem to get hold of the people...
  2. Neil_Denizli

    late renewal of residence permit

    Just realised mine expired yesterday ... no big deal to be a couple of days late in renewing, right?
  3. Talkinman

    Bodrum Airport Late 2015

    Hello folks, Travelled back from BJV last night. Very, very little Duty Free Available. For the smoker's. no Mayfair, Lambert & Butler, Richmond, Marlborough White, really, only Silk Cut and Bensons Red for sale. No whiskey other than Ballantine and a couple of Jamesons. Heard other travellers...
  4. W

    Arriving Late

    We arrive late this year. Does anyone know if their are any late night supermarkets near the roundabout Thanks
  5. Spurs

    Bit late now !!

    This pledge, conversation, idea or whatever comes 20 years too late. This is not one of those "better late than never" jobs. It negligence that has been going on for years................they should have nailed these sods once they opened their mouths. Free speech? It should be a free cell or a...
  6. L

    Weather late October

    Hi There, I have the chance to visit Gulluk from 20 October for a week, but not too sure about the weather. I've looked at "averages for the month" charts and can see that the rainfall increases from October into November and I am a little concerned that it may rain quite a bit. As long as it's...
  7. juco

    And then it will be too late!

    Slowly slowly, creep creep, until it is too late.
  8. K

    Late car tax

    Hi everyone ,can anyone give me info regarding late payment on the car tax, being stuck in the Uk I missed the January deadline so I will be 2months over due so do they have a standard fine or will I be forced into hard labour in a bordello.
  9. teosgirl

    Better late than never?

    Court decision to halt construction of Prime Ministry in Atatürk Forest Farm - GREEN I will open the champagne when the Aksaray is razed, however I feel I might have a long wait. The Ankara Regional Natural Reserves Commission had reduced the degree of protection of seven hectares of the...
  10. Jaycey

    Late night owls

    How about a late night owls thread for when the forum quietens down a bit? Those of us who haven’t hit the sack yet or have got up ridiculously early can tell us about their day or what they plan to do the next day. Bitch about the wife, mods, Des, thumbs etc. PMs are OK but a group session...
  11. D

    Council Tax Late Payment Penalties?

    Does anyone know what the penalty charges are for not paying your Council Tax by the end of April/May?
  12. arrian

    Santa's Going To Be Late!!!

  13. C

    Late booking for villa in Yalikavak

    I have availability left for this summer at a reduced price: 26 August - 3 September - £490 per week (was £700) 14-25 September - £415 per week (was £550) Please see my website for details: Home - Sharing a Dream
  14. scotssteve

    Too little too late

    Yes I'm shouting! The leader of the sick B******Ds who scarred the lives of young girls in the Rochdale area been finally sentenced for 30 yes 30 counts of rape BBC News - Rochdale grooming gang leader gets 22 years He got 22 years to run concurrently with the 19 years previously issued for...
  15. P

    A bit late but

    Our Helping hands registered charity is having an auction at Erol's wine bar in Didim Today at 7pm, Please bring your item's between 10am and 4 pm. The last one raised 600TL for wheel chairs, we take 10% you get the rest. We also collect bottle tops Erol's wine house is at the last roundabout...
  16. C

    Special offer -Turunc apartment - Late availability

    If you are looking for a last minute chill out, due to unforeseen circumstances we have some availability for the next 5 weeks. We have reduced the price for this period to £195 per week. We also have one week left in August, and availability in October. It is a delightful 2 bedroom...
  17. A

    Weather in Bodrum late December/early Jan

    we are considering staying at our apartment for a week to 10 days from the 27th December. What are the usual weather conditions around that time of the year, is it usually warm and dry or wet?
  18. D

    fines for late payments????

    just wondered what folks on here thought....last Oct I went to pay our site water and was one day late... this incurred a 2tl fine. Each month the residents on our small site (6 apartments) are supposed to pay 75tl for maintenace fees.... 2 of the residents (turkish) are constantly late...
  19. P

    Too little too late.

    An obvious case of closing the stable door.Why wasn't this in reserve as a contingency before the mayhem. Arsonists who torch premises during riots could be SHOT by police, tactical review recommends | Mail Online
  20. Mojive

    Happy Birthday Gin&Tonic(Sorry bit late)

    Hope your enjoying your day!!!Happy Birthday, better late than never:roundgrin: Mo xx
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