1. M

    laser eye treatment in Turkey

    Looking for current recommendations for corrective laser eye treatment. I live near Bodrum but i am willing to travel.
  2. A

    Laser eye surgery around Altinkum?

    Could anyone tell me if there is any place in Altinkum that does laser eye surgey or in surrounding area thanks.
  3. shirleyanntr

    which printer inkjet or laser

    i need a new printer my hp inkjet has conked out and i cant be bothered sorting it out yet again...its been a pain so which is best as the laser printers are now affordable to buy but what about toners versus cartridges ive been looking at a little samson laser with a starter toner any...
  4. bickern

    Laser treatment could kill off breast cancer in 15 minutes

    Laser treatment could kill off breast cancer in 15 minutes - and with no need for a mastectomy. No wonder doctors are excited Fiona Fisher was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer and was astounded when her doctors suggested that their first move should be to try to kill the tumour by...
  5. Duke

    Eye Laser & Minor Plastic surgery

    Hi Folks even though Ive posted a lot over the years Ive never mastered starting a New Topic so forgive me if this is the wrong place ... Maybe a Moderator can move it to a suitable place???? A very good friend of mine a lady who will be 50 years old in May wants to get her eyes Lasered & the...
  6. T

    laser hair removal

    has anyone on the forum had laser treatment for the removal of unwanted hair, or know of somewhere that does this in the Didim area. Thanks in antisipation for any info. Tony
  7. N

    PLASTIC SURGERY in fethiye such as laser eye surgery

    now that I have got rid of the stresses of uk life need to get some repairs done lol:flame::36le: I saw an eye surgery place advertised on the front of land of light 2 weeks ago anyone actually had any cosmetic surgery done be brave l iam also looking for a cosmetic dentist too PM me if you...
  8. shirleyanntr

    printer inkjet or laser

    i need a new printer and ink is so expensive.. can you tell me which is the cheapest inkjet or laser i print about 60 to 70 A4 pages a week for my Turkish lessons and also write a lot of letters so a cartridge never lasts long.. at the moment i have a HP deskjet which was very cheap and...
  9. A&P

    Laser eye surgery in Bodrum?

    Hi all. We are visiting Bodrum in May/June for a holiday and are seeking advice on (long sighted) laser eye surgery performed in the Bodrum area. Does anyone know of any clincs/hospitals which provide this ? Any info about the service, price and contact details would be brill. Thanks!
  10. D

    Laser Eye surgery in Turkey

    Just wondering if any members have any experiences of laser eye surgery in Turkey. My friend would like to have her done in Izmir and has been in touch with various clinics asking about costs. The clinics are reluctant to quote prices and I think this may be done to the fact that until she has...
  11. ExG

    Laser art

    If you haven't seen this from LG in Germany, it's well worth watching LG Optimus Hyper Facade in Berlin - Long Version - YouTube Hope you enjoy the show Eliot
  12. SLEEPY

    Laser eyes

    Can anyone recommend a good clinic/hospital that performs laser eye treatment in Istanbul and any idea on cost. Thanks in advance.
  13. J

    Laser Eye Treatment

    Has anyone had laser eye treatment done here in Fethiye.Can anyone reccomend anywhere and how much does it cost.I have been told Kartalgoz do it .Thanks.
  14. KKOB

    Laser Eye Treatment

    Well worth a read if you're contemplating having laser eye treatment in Turkey. Warning !! Contains some naughty words. :wink: Arse About Fez
  15. J

    Laser teeth whitening

    Has anyone had this carried out?Its something i kinda think id like to get done but am a bit concerned about enamel damage.Also different folk had said it made their teeth look a bit false?Whats your thoughts?Can you reccomend a good dentist close to Bodrum?
  16. P

    laser eye treatment

    hi does anyone know if there is a laser eye clinic in the bodrum area any feedback would be appreciated
  17. Mushtaq

    Laser Eye treatment - Turkey or UK??

    My son wants to get laser eye treatment, and I know few members have had treatment in Turkey and others in UK. Having seen adverts here in UK for eye treatment from £395 per eye etc. but after looking into this it appears these are mainly marketing gimmicks and usually you end up spending 3 to...
  18. P

    Laser Hair Removal

    I have just had my first session of laser hair removal and am thrilled with the results. Will be great to be hair-free for the Summer all being well. I was wondering if there is anywhere in the Bodrum area, either salon/clinic that offer such treatments.
  19. immac

    Laser eye fix in Turkey

    From Times online Destination Health: The Times July 01, 2006 Body&Soul Case study: eye surgery in Turkey Unable to afford private laser eye treatment in the UK, one woman went to Turkey Gillian Maynard, a travel executive from London, was so fed up with the hassle of glasses and contact...
  20. N

    Laser Eye Surgery in or around Altinkum?

    Does anyone know of a place in Turkey as close to Altinkum or wherever that does laser corrective surgery? If you have had it done how much was it, are you happy with it? Anna
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