1. Yalides

    Larry Hagman

    JR has died aged 81yrs. RIP Larry.
  2. perfect1949

    happy birthday to sunny seasiders better half larry

    happy birthday larry , hope you have a good one and lesley as bought you that special present . dave
  3. peter the postie

    Michael Jacksons ghost on the Larry King show!!!

    Amazing! Look very closely down at the bottom of the hall. They say its a prank.. but is it??? YouTube - Michael Jackson Ghost Joke
  4. Ms Who

    appy as larry aint I

    Went past a sign this morning that made my day. There, in glowing white letters set against a dark black backdrop was written ............"Pie and Mash", for the bargain price of 10lira (well probably not a bargain but hey ho). Name of the bar? hmmmm unuttum. My eyes were glued to the sign in...
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