1. P

    Belek to Lara beach

    hi, could anyone tell me how long it would take to get to lara beach from belek in a taxi and how much it would cost, thanks
  2. N

    Kara and Elif

    Today I entered our two Turkish rescues into a neighbouring village dog show and they both won a prize, I'm soooooo proud lol. Kara won best behaved dog and Elif won the happiest dog prize which was a tin of Chappie each and a little medal. Next week is our village annual flower show and I'm...
  3. TurkInDenmark

    Wanted Apartment in Lara for rent

    So after some hustle and bussle, my and my GF have made the right desicion for us, by moving back to wonderful Lara, Antalya. If any member is in the behold of a furnished appartment in Lara, we would be really interested in it. Our budget is around 1000 tl every month.
  4. T

    Lara Beach in early March ?

    Hi, Please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place. My wife and I have been to various parts of Turkey every year for the past 12 years but always in the summer. Yesterday she came in from Thomas Cook with the chance to go to the Royal Wings Hotel, Lara Beach, flying out on 3rd...
  5. S

    long term rental apartment Antalya Lara

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know a good and clean fully furnished apartment with at least 2 bedrooms? We want to move from Side to Antalya Lara as soon as possible. İf you can help, please send me an email. Thanks
  6. S

    Lara where art thou

    Wheres my comrade Lara thesedays? Long time no read!!
  7. A89

    Taxi Antalya airport to Lara

    Can anyone tell me roughly how much a taxi would cost from the airport to Lara please?
  8. A89

    Topkapi palace hotel Lara beach

    Can anyone tell me the best way to get to The Topkapi palace Hotel at Lara from Alanya please? Im assuming I'll take the big bus along the D400 and get off somewhere on there? Does anyone know wheres best? how far it is from there? will I need a taxi? etc etc. Thanks for any help. Alison
  9. M

    Lara Beach Dolmus Service

    Hi Can anyone inform me please if there is a Dolmus service running from the Lara Beach area to Antalya and the other way to Side at this time of year if you stay in one of the hotels in that area Thanks
  10. B

    Lara Beach weather in October

    Hi folks, newbie here. I have booked a fortnights holiday at the WOW Topkapi Palace on 12th October 2011, and am just a bit worried about the weather having just come back from a very mixed fortnight in Zakynthos. Can anyone tell me what the weather is usually like during this period and...
  11. R

    New to Lara, Antalya

    Hi I am new to Lara, living by the Laura shopping mall. Husband out all day, desperately bored and dont know the area. Any ideas on what I can do? Turkish lessons (my turkish is medocre), sports centre, I have access to a car intermitently. Thanks guys
  12. S

    Pike or Shark Fishing nr Lara Beach/Antalya

    Ooops. For the third year running I've booked our holiday when it's my hubby's birthday and he misses out on celebrating with his mates! Thought I'd try and make it up to him by arranging a fishing trip while we are there. He's a keen pike fisherman who I know would love to have a go at shark...
  13. S


    Which part of Antalya do I post something about Lara on. I want to know if anyone knows someone there. Thanks
  14. C

    lara beach

    hi can i get a bus or dolmus from antalya otogar to lara beach any info thanks
  15. C

    marmaris to lara antalya

    hi coming for my hols to lara beach i live in marmaris i know how to get to antalya but is it possible to get a bus or dolmus to lara and how much and how long any info would be a great:emot150ms help.thanks
  16. V

    Prices lara beach

    Two years ago we went to the fantastic barut lara beach hotel Never had such a great and relaxing holiday. (We just had a baby then and we wanted to escape the visits ;-), could be better then) But now I was looking again at this hotel and I sawm the rpices have raised enormous, does anybody...
  17. lara

    lara new member

    Hi Everyone New to this site. Looks like there's lots of good stuff on here. Will try to keep up with everyone but still typing with one finger!
  18. P

    Turkish Lessons in Lara

    A Turkish friend will soon be starting to give private Turkish lessons in the Guzeloba-Lara area in the evenings from 8 pm. He has a diploma and has previously taught Turkish. If anyone is interested please contact Mumin on 0542 837 23 25. Email: Mumin can also teach...
  19. C

    coming to lara beach hotel

    hi,coming to the lara beach hotel first 2 weeks in july 08. would love info on hotel,river/sea fishing,weather,shopping,must do things.we will be bringing our six year old daughter. many thanks,p.s.any local football teams playing around that time. cheers again, charlie
  20. P

    Barry, Tanya and Adam in Lara, Antalya

    Hello everyone, My name is Barry and i currently seem to spend half of my time in the Uk and the other half in Antalya. My 14 year old son, Adam, spends all his school holidays here and my Fiancee Tatiana is usually not been far away from my side for the last 2 years since we first met. We love...
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