1. A

    laptops on planes

    Hello. Tried to find thread on this with no success. What is latest ruling taking laptop from Turkey to UK ? Can you take laptop and charger in hand luggage?
  2. J

    Airline Regulations re laptops

    Hi everyone, I have been told that the strict regulations flying from Turkey have been relaxed. Specifically that you can now take tablets/e-readers in hand luggage. Is this correct as we are flying out next week and I would like to take my e-reader on the flight home. Many thanks in advance -...
  3. Jaycey

    Time to throw away those laptops!
  4. MiddleEarth

    New Line of Linux Dell Laptops

    Dell's line of Linux laptops "expands to include new MacBook Pro competitor | shaves $101.50 off the price of the laptop, so you can get some nice savings by cutting that Windows license out of your laptop purchase." "There are no additional pieces of software or drivers provided by Dell, which...
  5. B

    Getting warmer - Clean your laptops

    Laptops tend to overheat, especially when the ambient temperature approaches 30C. Internal processor, chipsets, memory and Hard Drive can be damaged ! Having used the laptop during the winter period, dust will have accumulated on the blades of the cooling fan and inside the cooling duct. It is...
  6. M

    laptops and Thomascook

    Does anyone know if Thomas Cook now class lap tops as your 5kg hand luggage?
  7. F

    casper laptops

    hi i live in fethiye, i think it is nearly time for a new laptop,i dont want to bring one from uk because when i bought a netbook over there within a few weeks it broke and i had to wait till next time i went back to get it sorted, casper seem to have ok laptops and they do the service here so...
  8. zozatky

    Laptops info

    Any ideas on the best allround laptop on the market for under 500 GBP
  9. gerald

    Bum deal with laptops

  10. A


    Is it ok to take a laptop into turkey I read somewhere that the memory size is restricted.
  11. turtle-webs

    Laptops and PCs UK vs Turkey

    Its been asked a number of times before whether its better to bring one or buy one and mostly people are concerned about the language of the operating system. I've just been a bought myself a new laptop today. I had decided to get a Toshiba one as they come with English or Turkish Vista and I...


    Hi there, we are coming to stay in Dalyan in september for a couple of weeks, can anyone tell me if i can bring my laptop and do i need anything else to bring. Please dont get technical on me cos i have just started learning t :der: his thing. Any help would be great...
  13. peter the postie

    Laptops on aircraft

    Quick one, are you allowed to use laptops in flight ?
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