1. kemerkid

    FreeDos laptop

    I am appealing to members with computer knowledge. I need a new laptop and have found that not all computers have Windows installed. To reduce the cost they are being sold with only FeeDos installed. There is a way to install Windows at low cost but as I have never done this before I am looking...
  2. ted j

    laptop to TV

    I have a packard bell laptop that I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to connect to our big screen TV via a HDMI cable I plugged the cable into the lappy then into hdmi 2 on the TV Then selected hdmi 2 on the TV remote, got a blank screen then went onto the lappy , went into control panel...
  3. A89

    Connect laptop to İpod dock as speakers

    I use my laptop as a TV with a pair of cheap speakers and Ive been thinking of starting to play cds on it now ıve brought them from UK but sitting next to it is my super duper Sony Ipod dock. Is there a way to connect my laptop to the dock to use that instead of speakers? Ive just looked at it...
  4. A89

    laptop battery

    Hi. another random question : is it important for laptop battery health for me to let it run down the battery sometimes or can I leave it attached to the cable with no detrimental effect? alison
  5. K

    Laptop flight ban update

    Here's a heads up. . . Government lifts laptop cabin ban on most UK flights from Turkey and Tunisia | City A.M.
  6. L

    pegasus laptop policy?

    Will be flying with Pegasus to Ercan on a internal flight and was wondering if you can take ipads on the plane? Have look on the Pegasus site but cant find the answer and was wondering if anyone had flown with them recently thanks
  7. mollag

    Laptop restrictions lifted from Turkey?

    Any info on the laptop procedure for Turkey at the mo ? We are a tad out of touch at present .
  8. immac

    Laptop Wanted - Cheap

    My business partner (Umit) and I have been sponsoring/supporting a boy through school for the last four years. Particularly disadvantaged and unsupported at home, but nice, caring people. Against the odds he has got a place to study Accountancy at Bursa University, starting this term. He will...
  9. U

    Laptop not shutting down properly

    Had to reload windows and now the computer will not shut down properly. It appears to but the three little lights stay on and I have to press the on/off switch for 10 sec or so. What's up? (Bickern?):33:
  10. Spurs

    Laptop ban

    Wait for the moans. :behindsof UK flight ban on electronic devices announced - BBC News
  11. H

    Laptop and mobile phone costs

    Is the cost of mobile phones and laptops much different from UK ? Thanks
  12. B

    Laptop wanted

    I am looking to buy a 2nd hand Laptop, minimum 15'' screen, and less than 3 years old. Please call my friend (speaks Turkish & English) tel: 0531 955 5567
  13. HelenSnowball

    New Laptop

    Hi Everyone, I've just bought myself a new laptop and I need some help please: Firstly, it's Windows 8.1, but there is an option to upgrade to Windows 10- should I do it, is it worth it, I mean it's free so maybe just do it? Secondly, my email is a gmail account, the mail function needs...
  14. meyavilla

    History removed from a laptop

    Hello Would anyone know in simple terms, how to restore a computer's history if it has been deleted. Many thanks
  15. I

    Internet, Internet and Internet!!!

    Hi, My name's Ibrahim and let me tell you a bit about myself before continuing. I was born in Marmaris and then things happened so when I was 3 my family moved to England, Stayed there for 10 years so I know fluent English, Moved back to Turkey when I was 13. I am 14 now and still struggling to...
  16. paddington bear

    Laptop to TV

    Help please !!! For some reason when I try to get film on through the laptop nothing is coming through to the TV. I thought it may be the HDMI lead so have bought a new one but still nothing. It is probably something really simple but does anyone please know what I should do. Thanks Sue
  17. SAMIMI

    Ear phones/headphones for laptop computer

    Bodrum area. Does anyone know where I can buy a simple pair of ear phones or head phones which I can use with my laptop computer also that I can carry on board an aeroplane? Thanks in advance.
  18. T

    Man UTDs Laptop

    Man United have banned supporters bringing in laptops and tablets for the coming season .The reasoning is with regard to security. This TOTAL ban has devastated supporters and they are wondering what they are going to do for 90 mins, it seems all they are going to be able to look forward to, is...
  19. J

    Laptop for Sale

    Hi I have a Samsung RV511-A04tr laptop for sale Original Windows® 7 Starter 2GB Ram 381,6 x 256,2 x 31,9 ~ 34,9 mm 2,4 kg Storage 320 GB S-ATAII Hard Disk (5 400 RPM) Super Multi Dual Layer Network 10 / 100 / 1 000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN 802.11b/g/n Bluetooth V3.0 CPU AMD Dual Core processor...
  20. J

    help wıth laptop settıngs

    All day ıve spent on the compter tryıng to fıx what ı thought was a sımple problem. skype startd to get a wındow appear eveerytıme ı entered ıt sayıng ı has stopped workıng so ı unıstalled reınstalled run scan you name but the prob occured so ı searched on skype help page and dıd what they...
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