1. B

    New Regulations on Lap tops from Turkety

    I know this is for flights to the USA but I have no doubt UK will follow. ANKARA Turkey is about to lift a ban on large electronic devices from U.S.-bound flights of Turkish Airlines, its transport minister said on Tuesday Ahmet Arslan said that security officials from the U.S. will monitor...
  2. J

    New Lap Top - which one????

    Hi all, Looking to buy a new lap top when back in the UK:happy: would like your help please in helping me choose which one. Wont be doing anything sophisticated, just the 'norm' surfing, emails, Skype, voip, filmon, downloading music, films & anything else that takes my fancy :clap: Is there...
  3. M

    laptops and Thomascook

    Does anyone know if Thomas Cook now class lap tops as your 5kg hand luggage?
  4. Mojive

    Laptop in Suitcase or Hand luggage,What to do??

    What is the best was to bring my little laptop to Turkey, do I put in suitcase or have it in my hand luggage, prefer Suitcase, but someone has told me it may well need to be scanned to check it is what it I'm talking this end Bournemouth Airport, but thinking about it...... also...
  5. E

    lap top

    not sure where to post this one - does any body have a lap top to sell that is in good working order? in or around Fethiye - thank you
  6. Pandora

    Looking for a Lap

    Just an update.............both boys have now been neutered and are in excellent health. Although they are site cats they are very tame and friendly because of the children who come out on holiday. As we are out here most of the time we have taken responsibility to ensure they are looked after...
  7. B

    Our lap tops

    Will me and my son have to pay import duties at bodrum airport for our laptops we have one each for personal use,we are taking them through as hand luggage at gatwick, never bought them into turkey before,so its a first with our laptops as we are moving here and they will know that as bringing...
  8. N

    wireless lap top

    hi all will my uk lap top function on the internet in altinkum it has a linksys wireless card last time i bring could not seem to get it to workno probs in uk any think i need to do to get it to function ?
  9. P

    Lap Top help

    Anyone know why,when I am on lap top,the screen packs up,goes black,although can still see very faintly what's on the screen,through the darkness.It's as if a light on the screen has gone off? Can work normally for a few days and then this happens,the screen just goes black.Any advise greatly...
  10. C

    Lap top

    Does anybody know what connections i will need to get my lap top working in Turkey there is a phoneline in the villa Help Cath
  11. K

    Can anyone advise me on these lap tops

    | | | Inbox Catherine, The following are available. All laptops are internet ready running Windows XP and Office XP. HP Omnibook XE Pentium 3 - 600mhz 64mb RAM 5Gb hard drive 14" screen Cd-Rom drive USB, modem, LAN Good battery holding charge Free Carry case...
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