1. Jaycey

    Ethnic languages in the UK

    The press seem to be making a lot of noise about language ‘rights’ in Ukraine – seems like unnecessary deflection to me… KyivPost . Ukrainian vs. Russian Language As the great majority are Russian speaking it would seem to make sense for there to be two official languages. But let’s not go down...
  2. suzyq

    Ministry of Health begins offering services in 6 languages

    As the number of foreign patients in Turkish hospitals has increased threefold in the last four years, the Ministry of Health has recently added two more languages -- Persian and French – in which it provides services, including consulting and translation, in addition to English, Arabic, Russian...
  3. bickern

    The best way to study languages, vocabulary, or almost anything

    Another site to put in your armoury besides live mocha Turkish flashcard sets and study tools | Quizlet It uses a different approach and is a good learning tool.
  4. shirleyanntr

    turkeys living languages

    language courses are being offered in Mardin University in Kurdish Arabic Assyrian which is good progress especially in keeping ancient languages going. There is so much accent on learning English to the detriment of other languages the world is in danger of losing the cultures of some...
  5. ceemac

    Languages in Turkey

    Although not resident in the country I have done a little research into this. Turkish is the sole official language of Turkey, although many minority languages are spoken but not recognised officially. Having just one language was seen as a real unifying factor behind the modern Turkish state...
  6. bobthenob

    The origins of languages

    Over the years of constantly working out how us humans ever communicated with each other during the beginning of time,has always been a mystery to me.With over 6,000 languages globally[which is a rough estimate]makes me want to know where it all originated from. We are a unique species,seperated...
  7. Joe in Tasucu

    Crude and sexist in two languages.

    When the house was full of in-laws a few weeks back I made my first joke in Turkish. Much to the disgust of MyWife. One of my Turkish Brother-in-laws (this one's a Taxi Driver) was mucking about as the family sat around listening to music and dancing in a over the top Turkish kind of way. They...
  8. KKOB


    Re: Inheritance law - unmarried partners He took the words right out of my mouth !
  9. v6cod

    Turkey passes law to broadcast TV in other languages

    From Hurriyet The draft enabling the state-run Turkish Radio and Television Corp. (TRT) to broadcast in different languages and dialects other than Turkish, has been enacted. Under the law, TRT will also be able to employ foreigners. The law also allows the national public broadcaster...
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