1. gam101

    Turkish - the language experience

    Greetings folks!:28: I'm sharing my experience here with Turkish, hoping that others can chime in & suggest perhaps what worked best for them in learning or "getting upto speed" on the language. We have noticed though that there are more locals speaking English than we encountered last year...
  2. M

    Free resource for Turkish language learning

    I wanted to share about, a free online resource that I created for Turkish language learners. It has explanations on pronunciation and grammar as well as a few cultural topics. The focus of the articles on is topics that don't get explained...
  3. M

    Ziraat Bank ATM Language to English

    Is there any option to change the language on Ziraat Bank ATM to English?
  4. bickern

    7/24 Turkish translation language support medical tourists

    With its 28 translators operating in six different languages, the International Patient Assistance Unit (IPAU) of Turkey’s Health Ministry looks forward to helping foreign patients. The unit provides oral translation in English, German, French, Russian, Farsi, and Arabic for 24 hours a day, 7...
  5. IbrahimAbi

    Mind your language

    If a man refers to his wife as “mother” or “sister,” their marriage will be deemed divorced, the Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) said in a fatwa issued on its official website on Dec. 25. Take care chaps. If man refers to wife as ?mother? or ?sister,? couple will be deemed divorced...
  6. S

    Politicians body language

    It's oft said that politicians give away their true feelings about those they ( have to) work with This recent pic of our 2 local political leaders gives me the impression they're not too keen on each other
  7. bickern

    Foul language insults aimed at members.

    Please be aware that any profanity aimed at a member here onward will be removed. Calling someone a name jovially is different than a direct insult of calling someone a Barsteward or tw*t or what other way of spelling it. Direct humour using a swear word and a directly aimed swearword will be...
  8. D

    Turkish Language Lessons

    Hey all, We (Me, My wife, my 3 year old daughter and our doggies) just moved to Drekoy from Los Angeles and we are loving it!! My goal is to speak good Turkish in 6 month from now :) To be able to reach this ambitious goal I need a class or private lessons. Can you give me some pointers...
  9. Yalides

    Some reasons why the English language is hard to learn...

    The bandage was wound around the wound. The farm was used to produce produce. The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse We must polish the Polish furniture. He could lead if he would get the lead out. The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert. Since there is no...
  10. K

    Turkish language classes

    We have not long moved to Turkey and would love to learn the language preferably with others in a class. Does anyone have any recommendations? If there are no language schools then a small group would suit. We are looking at the Fethiye, Calis Beach area. Thank you.
  11. mollag

    Body Language.

    Can anyone read whats being said silently in this foto of todays meeting ?
  12. A

    Turkish language course?

    I'm looking for courses / classes to learn Turkish, ideally somewhere close to Gumusluk or Yalikavak. Any tips? I'll be there from April onwards.
  13. suzyq

    Turkey's First Kurdish Language Search Engine

    Turkey’s first search engine in the Kurdish language has gone online after five years of technical work, research and development. The search engine, called “Sekretin” – meaning success in Kurdish – will also have a video-sharing website in the next few months, its manager Serdar Anuştekin told...
  14. D

    Turkish Language question

    Are there any Turkish language learning places/schools in or near Alanya ? I'm trying to learn Turkish from home but it's a little difficult! If anyone does know a little Turkish maybe you can help me out a bit, I know a few words and phrases but I'm scarred to use them! When shop keepers or...
  15. oldfogy

    MS Office Language speller

    I'm running Windows XP with MS Office 2000. I am trying to get Words spell checker to recognise and also use a Turkish dictionary for when checking documents typed in Turkish. I highlight the turkish text as being recognised as being turkish in the language setup. I have installed and tried...
  16. T

    Turkish Language Learners Test-7

    Complete the Turkish sentences 1) I was ill yesterday -------> Ben ... ......... 2) Was she unhappy ? ----> O ..... ..... ? 3) They weren't successful ---> Onlar ........ .......... 4) The method was not new ---> Yöntem .... .......
  17. T

    Turkish Language Learners Test-6

    Write the correct form of "time expressions" below : 11 : 30 ---> Saat onbir b.... 10:50 ---> Saat onbir. .. v.. 17: 15 ---> Saat be.. çey... geç.... 20 : 32 ---> Saat yi... ot.. i..
  18. T

    Economic Aspect of Turkish Language

    Turkish is an economic language as well. Long statements can be expressed with less words in Turkish because of attached suffixes. It saves us from using more words. For example ; This expression in Turkish ; " Ankara´ya gitmemeliydiniz. " is expressed with 7 separate words both in...
  19. T

    Turkish Language Learners Test-5

    Complete the sentences with appropriate words or suffixes. 1. Yarın sen. görme.. gel…… ---> I will come to see you tomorrow. 2. O ülke.. vize… git……. ----> You can´t go to that country without a visa. 3. Dil …….. için kulla….. ----> Language is...
  20. bickern

    Secrets of learning a language — quickly

    It might sound like an impossible task, but according to language experts, you can learn basic communication skills in weeks and master the basics of a foreign language in several months. While you might not quickly reach the fluency that allows you to understand great foreign literature...
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